Thank you for supporting the Norwood PMA Car Wash on 5/20/23!

The Norwood PMA would like to express our gratitude to each of the parents and students who came out to support the car wash fundraiser this past Saturday.  Your contributions made it an incredible success!  From conducting traffic, to setting up, making signs, attracting and greeting customers, washing and drying cars, and cleaning up, each of your roles helped make all the difference.  Despite the rain, you still brought sunshine with your energy and smiles.  Great big thank you to all of you!
The Norwood PMA

PMA Car Wash on Saturday, 5/20 8:30-1 needs volunteers!

The Norwood Parents Music Association Car Wash will be held Saturday, May 20th from 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Town Municipal Lot.
We are looking for volunteers to help make this a success. Please review the link to the Sign Up Genius to pick a time that works for you.  Please note that the slots are divided into 90 minute increments, but if you can’t commit to the whole time, please support us with whatever time you have to give that day.
We need 8 to 10 students to help wash and dry cars, and 2 to 3 students to wave signs and attract more cars. The more the merrier.  We hope to see you there–to volunteer and to have your car(s) washed!
Thank you!
The Norwood Parents Music Association

PMA Meeting Minutes 4/25/2023

Norwood PMA Meeting 4/25/2023 at the Cleveland Elementary School Library,  7-8:45 p.m. Attendees: Kelly Farewell, Kim Smith, Wendy Keats, Karen Guarin, Eneida Shkruti, Jane Yu, Dany Abdallah, Dan Caparrotta, Steve and Linda Lee, Jane Doherty, Kristen Faller, Bill Maguire, Claire Deeley.

President Kim Smith–The PMA has received a generous donation of $100 from Cathy Greene, Norwood High School class of 1975 in honor of the late Lorraine “Fitzi” Fitzpatrick.  “Fitzi” recently passed away at age 97, and was a positive, cheerful presence for many years in the Norwood High School Fine Arts department.  Jeff Kerr, Director of Fine Arts was unable to attend and we anticipate updates when he returns, especially on the summer music camp decision.  Discussion on the critical importance of having structure around requesting any funding In advance of expenditures from the PMA.  We’ve had numerous financial surprises this year, making it very difficult to plan financially.  Along with a committee of volunteers, Kim has created a general list of items that come up annually to help the next PMA board plan financially for expenses and fundraising efforts.  Kim has also taken detailed notes about all the different processes to pass on to the next board.  PMA needs to ensure a consistent process for making a proposal, discussing it, and then voting on expenditures in advance.   Needs to work more like a purchase order/requisition.   We also need to ensure proper documentation for each expenditure.  Renewed discussion of how challenging it’s been to develop an accurate email distribution list because we don’t have the email addresses of the majority of families with students in the music program, an ongoing issue. Discussion of the district music calendars not always being up-to-date, and the need for better communication to parents from the school about upcoming events.  Although linked to the PMA website, the PMA does not and cannot edit the calendars.  That is done through the Fine Arts department.

Vice President Karen Guarin–Fine Arts Festival is Saturday, 4/29.  We will have a table of information, but PMA will not be selling anything so as not to upstage Friends of Visual Arts (FOVA) since this is more of a fundraiser for them.  Pops Night is 5/12 at 7 p.m. and we will sell merchandise, water, and snacks.  Karen will follow up with Jeff Kerr about tickets for Pops Night since that’s normally handled through Fine Arts office.  Discussion of centerpieces located in the closet, and cloth tablecloths.  Pops Night is also the meeting where we vote on the incoming board members.  Senior awards night is 5/17 including an ice cream social and gift bags for roughly 25 seniors.  Senior recitals are 5/23 at Emanuel Lutheran Church and PMA is hosting a reception for those seniors.  Undergraduate recitals are 6/13 and 6/14.  Potentially a 6th grade concert on 6/6 and 7th and 8th grade combined concert on 6/8.  No need to sell merchandise at these middle school concerts in June. Volunteers for 2023-2024 PMA positions include  co-presidents Wendy Keats and Eneida Shkruti, treasurer Dany Abdallah, Secretary Sherri Munro, webmaster Dan Caparrotta, middle school coordinator Sarah Caparrotta. Jane Doherty agreed to take on one of the open coordinator roles, to be determined.

Open positions include Vice President, Chair of Ways and Means, and the following coordinator roles:

–Marching Band
–Color Guard
–Jazz Band
–Social Media/Publicity
–All-Town Elementary Ensembles

Discussion of value of social media for connecting with parents and the community.  Wendy Keats will handle Facebook account for PMA. Dan Caparrotta volunteered to help with 50/50 Square One on the technical side.

Secretary Kelly Farewell–Minutes from March meeting were approved.  PMA Scholarships need to be finalized soon.  Per the PMA bylaws, committee must include PMA board member(s) who do not have senior students in the program, volunteers, and the Director of Fine Arts.  The committee this year includes Kelly Farewell (chair), Eneida Shkurti, Sherri Munro, and Wendy Keats along with Jeff Kerr.  Committee was waiting for Jeff to share the music teachers’ input so they could determine the amounts to award.  A meeting was scheduled for April, but Jeff cancelled the meeting and the process is on hold.  The two highest awards need to be given out on 5/12 so the PMA needs time to cut the checks and get certificates made.  The other awards are given at senior awards night on 5/17.  Kelly emailed Jeff to find out status and is waiting for further direction.

Treasurer Jane Yu–Gave financial update which was approved. Discussion of the Marching Band MICCA festival, MAJE, MICCA Choral, Jazz Night, and METG events.  Labor intensive, and we generally don’t make any/much money on these. MAJE does give us back $1,000, but the others are not profitable for us.  Perhaps consider not hosting some of these in the future, although our district saves money on busing if we host these festivals.  This will be further discussed at a later date. Discussion of renewal of two different liability insurance policies for the PMA.

Steve and Linda Lee–Ways and Means:  Looking for elementary school music photos for a new flyer.  Looking to use sponsorships again as fundraiser.  Had some challenges with other groups running similar fundraisers around the same times as ours. Looking for new ideas.  50/50/Rally Up was successful.   May try to have dine out nights all year long.  Car wash coming up 8:30-1 on 5/20 weather permitting (but district calendar lists this at night–must be an error). 6/7 Chipotle fundraiser 4-8 p.m.  Sell merchandise at Pops Night.  Shaws Give Back.

Meeting adjourned 8:44 p.m.


PMA Meeting Minutes 3/21/2023

Norwood PMA Meeting 3/21/2023 at the Callahan Elementary School Library,  7-8:45 p.m. Attendees: Kelly Farewell, Siuyien Mathews, Jane Yu, Karen Guarin, Kim Smith, Jeff Kerr, Dany Abdallah, Steve Conant, Eneida Shkruti, Amanda Warner, Claire Deeley, Anita Singh, Linda Lee, Wendy Keats.

Jeff Kerr, Director of Fine Arts discussed all the recent performances including MICCA preview, Celtic Strings performing for the Irish Festival and St. Patrick’s Day as well as the recent art show, the Madrigals performance as well.  Norwood is hosting METG, MICCA Choral, and MAJE festivals very close together.  Discussion of whether we should host all three in the future since it is a drain on our volunteers, but saves us transportation fees when our students attend.  Discussed Fine ARts FEstival at NHS on 4/29.  Norwood PMA will just need a table since that’s not an event we host.  Discussion of Scholarships, and changing the deadline from 4/1 to 4/5.  Give out at Class Day, but announce the top 2 winners at Pops Night (the instrumental and choral highest awards). Discussed Camp Tapawingo again and the pros and cons. Will we have enough participants to meet the camp’s minimum? If it happens, will be 8/13-19.  Will need to share the answer in April so families can plan.  PMA has contributed about $20,000 in the past for this event.  Discussion of whether the school department can absorb the transportation fees of roughly $5,000. Reminder that moving forward, school booster groups need to be 501c corps as their tax entity, but that is not currently what the Norwood PMA is.  Discussion of revamping the music website, and there’s the possibility the same contact can look at revamping the Norwood PMA website for continuity.

President Kim Smith discussed having a subcommittee to discuss long term financial planning in April, including funding not only music camp, but things like uniform and equipment replacement, scholarships, and back away from paying staff and transportation for trips.  Anyone interested in participating in the subcommittee on long term financial planning should email Kim Smith.

Vice President Karen Guarin discussed that the slate of new board members needs be in place to be voted upon at the 5/12 Pops Night. Noted that current board members are documenting the processes to new board won’t have to start from scratch.  Merchandise sold well at MICCA preview concert.  Will need volunteers for the many upcoming events including MICCA, MAJE.

Secretary Kelly Farewell mentioned the meeting minutes from February.  Minutes were approved.  Discussion of how difficult it can be to schedule Fine Arts classes in with high school schedules and other electives.

Treasurer Jane Yu discussed the financial report which was approved.  Discussion of renewing the nonprofit liability insurance, and it was determined that this is absolutely necessary.   Discussed donating the audio recording device that the Norwood PMA purchased to the Fine Arts Dept.  That motion was approved.  Discussed the reimbursement of teacher Jenn Hartnett for the ACDA trip. Motions were made and approved to reimburse Mr. Conant for the digital image needed last fall for marching band, food for staff,  as well as the plaque made for renaming the February jazz event in Mr. Paul Alberta’s name.  Discussed in the future having a mailbox in Norwood High School for the PMA so that we don’t have to pay so much for our own post office box.  Current P.O. box is paid for through the fall of 2023, but it would save the association quite a bit of money not to have to pay to rent a post office boxl.

Ways and Means Committee Chair Linda Lee discussed pasta fundraiser which is ending on 3/23/23.  May need to purchase more merchandise soon to sell since the fleece pajama pants are very popular.  March 30 is the Chateau fundraiser.  Save the date for the car wash on 5/20 8:30-1, weather permitting.  We will need several student and parent volunteers for that.  6/7 may be the Chipotle fundraiser.  Looking to add more photos to the new pamphlet being created for Norwood PMA.  Reminder that all fundraisers have to be approved by Dr. Thompson.

Next meeting 4/25 at the Cleveland Elementary School at 7 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:44 p.m.

PMA Meeting Minutes 2/28/2023

Norwood PMA Meeting 2/28/2023

Oldham Elementary School  7-8:30 p.m.


Kelly Farewell

Wendy Keats

Eneida Shkurti

Linda Lee

Steve Lee

Jane Yu

Jane Doherty

Kim Smith

Karen Guarin

Mike Guarin

Siuyien Mathews

Jeff Kerr

President Kim Smith discussed the PMA scholarships.  Potentially change from scholarship to award and not require transcript from first semester of college.  Need input from current high school music teachers on how many awards there need to be each year since class size and music participation varies.  Range is up to 10 award (between $500-$1,000) in addition to the Paul Alberta instrumental award and the choral award (to be renamed after Cathy Connor-Moen). Jeff Kerr will get in touch with Cathy to alert her.  Kim updated the Google form for the application, due my April 1, 2023.  Jeff will remind high school music teachers to tell their senior students to apply.  Guidance should also be alerted.

Vice President Karen Guarin gave an update on the January semi-formal.  About 90 students attended, and all went smoothly at Four Points  Some discussion about whether this is a school event or a PMA sponsored event (difference changes rules and liability, so future events need to have this ironed out ahead of time). May need formal contracts for behavior, if leaving early, etc.  If it is a school sponsored event, formal school rules apply, parents need to be contacted if a student doesn’t attend or leaves early. Google form to indicate interest in the event worked well.

2/16 Jazz Classic went very well.  Will use left over concessions to sell at upcoming MAJE finals in March. Mostly for this event, feeding the bands, not the attendees.

Many events coming up that will require parent and student volunteers.  3/25 MAJE state finals at NHS and CMS.  MICCA preview concert on 3/14.  3/31 and 4/1 is the MICCA choral festival. (3/31 is instrumental MICCA festival elsewhere, but all the instrumental students will be unavailable to help on 3/31.) For choral festival, will try to avoid having all groups enter through front (may direct through door 14 as has been done with instrumental festivals to keep traffic flowing better in entrance of school and avoid a large crowd). May have some concessions in the front as well as in cafeteria for choral festival. 5/4 is Jazz Night.

Discussion of need for new board members for all positions which need to be determined in April and voted upon at May meeting (Pops night). Recruitment.  Always looking for new volunteers.

Secretary Kelly Farewell presented minutes for 1/17/23 meeting, motion was made, seconded, and approved. Discussion of continuing struggle to get emails from parents.  Steve Lee is making a new PMA pamphlet with QR code which can be distributed at elementary honors events.

Treasurer Jane Yu gave the financial report, motion was made, seconded, and approved.

Kim Smith is creating a subcommittee to look at bylaws, fundraising, spending goals. Anyone interested in participating should email Kim.

Ways and Means coordinator Linda Lee discussed fundraisers.  Fun Pasta goes through 3/23/23.  Car Wash is 5/20/23 8:30-1.  Chateau is 3/30/23. Chipotle is 6/7.

Fine Arts Director Jeff Kerr gave an update on the ACDA festival that went well.  Jennifer Hartnett took four students there.  Discussed reimbursement.  NAFME All East festival is in Rochester in April.  Discussion of Camp Tapawingo again, and may need PMA support. Need to ensure teachers are appropriately paid to participate, and Jeff is trying to work that into the budget for the future.  Likely will open opportunity to marching band, chorus, and drama students this year.  Will be week of 8/13.  Final decision hasn’t been made on whether it will be Camp Tapawingo in Maine, but Jeff’s research about hosting it elsewhere or closer didn’t produce any viable alternatives. Renamed the Jazz Classic to the Paul Alberta Norwood Jazz Classic.

Meeting adjourned 8:56 p.m.

PMA Meeting Minutes 1/17/2023

Norwood PMA Meeting 1/17/2023

Prescott Elementary School  7-8:30 p.m.


Kelly Farewell

Karen Guarin

Dan Caparrotta

Jane Yu

Kristen Faller

Wendy Keats

Claire Deeley

  1. Vice President Karen Guarin discussed the need for volunteers to assist with this week’s Coakley Middle School concert.  Discussed the Fine Arts semi formal scheduled for 1/27/23 at Four Points Sheraton and whether or not invitations were sent to all Fine Arts students since it seemed many didn’t know about the event.  Parent volunteers needed to chaperone and decorate the hall for the semi formal.  Discussion of events and rehearsals (high school) not being added to the Fine Arts calendar, and therefore not on the PMA website, so families don’t know when events and rehearsals are being held.  Karen will follow up with Jeff Kerr on these items.  Question of how students going to the ACDA national concert in February is being paid for needs to be directed to Jeff Kerr for additional information.
  2. Secretary Kelly Farewell discussed minutes from December meeting which were approved.
  3. Treasurer Jane Yu gave financial report which was approved.  Merchandise purchasing is steady, especially when we have items in stock at concerts and events.  May need to place another merchandise order and include smaller sizes.
  4. Ways and Means.  Considering the Fun Pasta fundraiser with Steve and Linda Lee taking the lead. May also consider adding a 50/50 raffle to the Jazz Night.  Linda looked into car wash tentatively Saturday 5/20, but will need students to help. PMA has sold water/candy, and even pizza at Pops Night and has done well with fundraising that way.  May consider shout outs for Pops Night to raise money as well, either just written notes, or option of artificial flowers that Jane is looking into for us.
  5. No updates yet on summer music camp. No details yet on when Jazz Night will be held, but location should be Norwood High School.
  6. New Business: Madrigals and Celtic strings sent their thanks to PMA for funding their luncheon in December.  Discussed need for parents of younger students to volunteer to take the board positions for next year (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary).  Must be nominated by April and voted on in the May meeting, which are all coming up very quickly.
  7. Adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

PMA Meeting Minutes 12/20/2022

Norwood PMA Meeting 12/20/2022

Balch Elementary School  7-8:30 p.m.


Kelly Farewell

Jeff Kerr

Kim Smith

Karen Guarin

Siuyien Mathews

Claire Deeley

Wendy Keats

  1. Report on Madrigal Banquet (Siuyien Mathews): First time it was held at Knights of Columbus.  114 attendees, an increase from 2021. Raffle was a big success using the QR code and accepting cash.  Pointsettia prices were increased, and they didn’t sell as many as expected ($15 up from $10).  Lewis’ provided food.  No deficit this year.  Siuyien has a binder that was handed down to her, and she will update it with the latest tasks and workflows to pass on to the next parent(s) that help run the event, especially since this was the first time it was held in this new venue with this particular caterer.  It was very successful.  Madrigals have several performances in December as well including a tour of elementary schools.
  2. Jeff Kerr, Director of Fine Arts: Winter concerts (some have occurred, some are this week, some like the middle school, will occur in January). May need chaperones and to sell PMA merchandise on 1/12 and 1/19/23. A long-term substitute teacher has been hired for the middle school music department.  Hoping to open events at the high school, like Jazz Classic/Jazz Night, more to the public by maybe getting NCM involved to do a story on the events.  Work is ongoing with John Quinn to pick a musical earlier.  Students involved in All Eastern/All National festivals were recognized at the recent school committee meeting.
  3. Karen Guarin, Vice President’s report: Fine Arts Semi Formal is Friday, 1/27/23 6-10 at Four Points Sheraton, Norwood.  Advertising and ticket sales has to be done through Fine Arts office.  Will need to do that as soon as school resumes to leave time for students to get notice, purchase tickets, and plan for event.  Will need to figure out chaperones from high school Fine Arts teachers (or other Fine Arts in the district). Jazz Night probably in April, and we can host at high school, add twinkle lights, etc.  Jazz Classic is Thursday, 2/16/23. MAJE state finals is held at high school and middle school usually first week of March.  Motion was made and approved to pay for the luncheon for the Celtic Strings and Madrigals at Lewis’ for last week of school in December.
  4. Kelly Farewell, Secretary.  Minutes from 11/15/22 were approved.  Discussion of email lists to distribute to all music parents.  Currently parent emails are collected through Fine Arts teachers to students in Google form.  Language has to be clear that it’s okay to share with PMA, though. This will be discussed again at future meetings.
  5. Treasurer’s report: Jane was unable to attend but provided notes on expenditures and deposits. Treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.
  6. Motion made and approved to replace marching band cart’s wheels.
  7. Motion made and approved to replace tire on golf cart.
  8. Discussion of a fundraiser in late winter/early spring. A giving day needs planning and there isn’t time for that this year.  Fun Pasta fundraiser may be an option.
  9. New business: Camp Tapawingo–Jeff Kerr is still considering whether this will continue or will be moved to a lower cost/closer location that’s not as disruptive to summer schedules for teachers and students.  Need to try to find out what PMA contributed in the past for music camp per student, and stipends for teachers.
  10. NAFME/ACDA festivals.  In the past, district has contributed for students that attended NAFME, but this is first year for ACDA (all choral), and there has been no contribution from district for this. Logistics being figured out, and may need a vendor that handles all student travel for these types of trips.
  11. Adjourned at 8:50 p.m.