PMA Meeting Minutes 4/25/2023

Norwood PMA Meeting 4/25/2023 at the Cleveland Elementary School Library,  7-8:45 p.m. Attendees: Kelly Farewell, Kim Smith, Wendy Keats, Karen Guarin, Eneida Shkruti, Jane Yu, Dany Abdallah, Dan Caparrotta, Steve and Linda Lee, Jane Doherty, Kristen Faller, Bill Maguire, Claire Deeley.

President Kim Smith–The PMA has received a generous donation of $100 from Cathy Greene, Norwood High School class of 1975 in honor of the late Lorraine “Fitzi” Fitzpatrick.  “Fitzi” recently passed away at age 97, and was a positive, cheerful presence for many years in the Norwood High School Fine Arts department.  Jeff Kerr, Director of Fine Arts was unable to attend and we anticipate updates when he returns, especially on the summer music camp decision.  Discussion on the critical importance of having structure around requesting any funding In advance of expenditures from the PMA.  We’ve had numerous financial surprises this year, making it very difficult to plan financially.  Along with a committee of volunteers, Kim has created a general list of items that come up annually to help the next PMA board plan financially for expenses and fundraising efforts.  Kim has also taken detailed notes about all the different processes to pass on to the next board.  PMA needs to ensure a consistent process for making a proposal, discussing it, and then voting on expenditures in advance.   Needs to work more like a purchase order/requisition.   We also need to ensure proper documentation for each expenditure.  Renewed discussion of how challenging it’s been to develop an accurate email distribution list because we don’t have the email addresses of the majority of families with students in the music program, an ongoing issue. Discussion of the district music calendars not always being up-to-date, and the need for better communication to parents from the school about upcoming events.  Although linked to the PMA website, the PMA does not and cannot edit the calendars.  That is done through the Fine Arts department.

Vice President Karen Guarin–Fine Arts Festival is Saturday, 4/29.  We will have a table of information, but PMA will not be selling anything so as not to upstage Friends of Visual Arts (FOVA) since this is more of a fundraiser for them.  Pops Night is 5/12 at 7 p.m. and we will sell merchandise, water, and snacks.  Karen will follow up with Jeff Kerr about tickets for Pops Night since that’s normally handled through Fine Arts office.  Discussion of centerpieces located in the closet, and cloth tablecloths.  Pops Night is also the meeting where we vote on the incoming board members.  Senior awards night is 5/17 including an ice cream social and gift bags for roughly 25 seniors.  Senior recitals are 5/23 at Emanuel Lutheran Church and PMA is hosting a reception for those seniors.  Undergraduate recitals are 6/13 and 6/14.  Potentially a 6th grade concert on 6/6 and 7th and 8th grade combined concert on 6/8.  No need to sell merchandise at these middle school concerts in June. Volunteers for 2023-2024 PMA positions include  co-presidents Wendy Keats and Eneida Shkruti, treasurer Dany Abdallah, Secretary Sherri Munro, webmaster Dan Caparrotta, middle school coordinator Sarah Caparrotta. Jane Doherty agreed to take on one of the open coordinator roles, to be determined.

Open positions include Vice President, Chair of Ways and Means, and the following coordinator roles:

–Marching Band
–Color Guard
–Jazz Band
–Social Media/Publicity
–All-Town Elementary Ensembles

Discussion of value of social media for connecting with parents and the community.  Wendy Keats will handle Facebook account for PMA. Dan Caparrotta volunteered to help with 50/50 Square One on the technical side.

Secretary Kelly Farewell–Minutes from March meeting were approved.  PMA Scholarships need to be finalized soon.  Per the PMA bylaws, committee must include PMA board member(s) who do not have senior students in the program, volunteers, and the Director of Fine Arts.  The committee this year includes Kelly Farewell (chair), Eneida Shkurti, Sherri Munro, and Wendy Keats along with Jeff Kerr.  Committee was waiting for Jeff to share the music teachers’ input so they could determine the amounts to award.  A meeting was scheduled for April, but Jeff cancelled the meeting and the process is on hold.  The two highest awards need to be given out on 5/12 so the PMA needs time to cut the checks and get certificates made.  The other awards are given at senior awards night on 5/17.  Kelly emailed Jeff to find out status and is waiting for further direction.

Treasurer Jane Yu–Gave financial update which was approved. Discussion of the Marching Band MICCA festival, MAJE, MICCA Choral, Jazz Night, and METG events.  Labor intensive, and we generally don’t make any/much money on these. MAJE does give us back $1,000, but the others are not profitable for us.  Perhaps consider not hosting some of these in the future, although our district saves money on busing if we host these festivals.  This will be further discussed at a later date. Discussion of renewal of two different liability insurance policies for the PMA.

Steve and Linda Lee–Ways and Means:  Looking for elementary school music photos for a new flyer.  Looking to use sponsorships again as fundraiser.  Had some challenges with other groups running similar fundraisers around the same times as ours. Looking for new ideas.  50/50/Rally Up was successful.   May try to have dine out nights all year long.  Car wash coming up 8:30-1 on 5/20 weather permitting (but district calendar lists this at night–must be an error). 6/7 Chipotle fundraiser 4-8 p.m.  Sell merchandise at Pops Night.  Shaws Give Back.

Meeting adjourned 8:44 p.m.


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