PMA Meeting Minutes 11/15/2022

Norwood PMA Meeting 11/15/2022

Coakley Middle School Library 7-8:45 p.m.


Kelly Farewell

Siuyien Mathews

Junrong Yu

Karen Guarin

Kim Smith

Jeff Kerr

Sherri Munro

Dany Abdallah

Jeff Kerr, Director of Fine Arts: Next PMA meeting planned for Balch Library on 12/20/22. Need some updates on the PMA website where Mrs. Moen’s name still appears so PMA secretary will update those.  Search for a long term music substitute for Coakley Middle School to cover a teacher’s upcoming leave of absence is ongoing.  Congratulations to NHS Marching Band for receiving a gold medal at the MICCA Marching Band State Finals in Quincy.  Still looking into covering registration fees music teachers pay for MMEA through school budget.  Looking into using some of budget for additional technology resources for music teachers.  Considering Camp Tapawingo for marching band camp, but distance and financial burden are very real concerns.  Considering other options like Nature’s Classroom or local small residential colleges to give feel of sleep away camp but that would provide more access and would be less of a burden for families.  Proposed covering registration fee for the four students accepted into the ACDA National Honors Chorus (first time we’ve sent students there).  Motion unanimously approved to cover $350 for each of four students.  Proposed having PMA front money for Celtic Strings to purchase t shirts and sweatshirts and then PMA would be paid back as these are sold.  Motion was unanimously approved.

Vice President Karen Guarin gave an update on marching band in holiday parade the weekend after Thanksgiving and the end of the season party on 11/27 to be held at Emmanuel Lutheran Church Hall.  Discussion of Fine Arts Semi Formal (formerly known as Snowflake Ball) possibly 1/27 or 2/10 at Four Points Sheraton.  Jeff Kerr will check with his department and give feedback on best date.  Seems from the past that the main chaperones were teachers, and only a few parents (so that students don’t feel uncomfortable or not want to attend if their own parents are chaperones). Also need to keep cost down for students.  Discussion of Jazz Night in April 2023 and cost/affordability/access/equity.  Could consider Fallout Shelter, or change the nature of the event and host at the high school potentially with BT ALC Big Band.  Jeff Kerr will discuss further with Mr. Conant and get back to PMA so we can secure the location.

Secretary Kelly Farewell gave update on new calendars being posted to the PMA website with Sherri Munro’s assistance.  Minutes from last meeting were unanimously approved.  Discussion of updating website to be more user-friendly, remove references to Mrs. Moen, and remove outdated material.

Treasurer Jane Yu gave an update on financials, and reminded us that previous secretary will file taxes for PMA. Consider getting a mailbox in the Fine Arts Dept office to save money in the future on the cost of a P.O. Box (just renewed $258 annually, paid through 11/30/2023).  Website cost went up significantly as well (Dreamhost).  Was $15, now $22.95 a month.  Paypal also was paid annually.  In the future, consider these annual costs for PMA and see if there are ways to lower those.  Financial report unanimously approved. Dany Abdallah also looked into pricing on accounting software options, and the group discussed these and decided to use Excel for the time being.

President Kim Smith led a discussion of fundraising.  Maybe a Giving Day, or fundraising events. Group decided that a fundraising subcommittee/ways and means committee should take this topic on as a task.


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