PMA Meeting Minutes 12/20/2022

Norwood PMA Meeting 12/20/2022

Balch Elementary School  7-8:30 p.m.


Kelly Farewell

Jeff Kerr

Kim Smith

Karen Guarin

Siuyien Mathews

Claire Deeley

Wendy Keats

  1. Report on Madrigal Banquet (Siuyien Mathews): First time it was held at Knights of Columbus.  114 attendees, an increase from 2021. Raffle was a big success using the QR code and accepting cash.  Pointsettia prices were increased, and they didn’t sell as many as expected ($15 up from $10).  Lewis’ provided food.  No deficit this year.  Siuyien has a binder that was handed down to her, and she will update it with the latest tasks and workflows to pass on to the next parent(s) that help run the event, especially since this was the first time it was held in this new venue with this particular caterer.  It was very successful.  Madrigals have several performances in December as well including a tour of elementary schools.
  2. Jeff Kerr, Director of Fine Arts: Winter concerts (some have occurred, some are this week, some like the middle school, will occur in January). May need chaperones and to sell PMA merchandise on 1/12 and 1/19/23. A long-term substitute teacher has been hired for the middle school music department.  Hoping to open events at the high school, like Jazz Classic/Jazz Night, more to the public by maybe getting NCM involved to do a story on the events.  Work is ongoing with John Quinn to pick a musical earlier.  Students involved in All Eastern/All National festivals were recognized at the recent school committee meeting.
  3. Karen Guarin, Vice President’s report: Fine Arts Semi Formal is Friday, 1/27/23 6-10 at Four Points Sheraton, Norwood.  Advertising and ticket sales has to be done through Fine Arts office.  Will need to do that as soon as school resumes to leave time for students to get notice, purchase tickets, and plan for event.  Will need to figure out chaperones from high school Fine Arts teachers (or other Fine Arts in the district). Jazz Night probably in April, and we can host at high school, add twinkle lights, etc.  Jazz Classic is Thursday, 2/16/23. MAJE state finals is held at high school and middle school usually first week of March.  Motion was made and approved to pay for the luncheon for the Celtic Strings and Madrigals at Lewis’ for last week of school in December.
  4. Kelly Farewell, Secretary.  Minutes from 11/15/22 were approved.  Discussion of email lists to distribute to all music parents.  Currently parent emails are collected through Fine Arts teachers to students in Google form.  Language has to be clear that it’s okay to share with PMA, though. This will be discussed again at future meetings.
  5. Treasurer’s report: Jane was unable to attend but provided notes on expenditures and deposits. Treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.
  6. Motion made and approved to replace marching band cart’s wheels.
  7. Motion made and approved to replace tire on golf cart.
  8. Discussion of a fundraiser in late winter/early spring. A giving day needs planning and there isn’t time for that this year.  Fun Pasta fundraiser may be an option.
  9. New business: Camp Tapawingo–Jeff Kerr is still considering whether this will continue or will be moved to a lower cost/closer location that’s not as disruptive to summer schedules for teachers and students.  Need to try to find out what PMA contributed in the past for music camp per student, and stipends for teachers.
  10. NAFME/ACDA festivals.  In the past, district has contributed for students that attended NAFME, but this is first year for ACDA (all choral), and there has been no contribution from district for this. Logistics being figured out, and may need a vendor that handles all student travel for these types of trips.
  11. Adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

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