PMA Meeting Minutes 10/18/2022

Norwood PMA Meeting 10/18/2022

Norwood High School Library 7-8:30 p.m.


Kelly Farewell (note taker)

Karen and Mike Guarin

Kim Smith

Jeff Kerr

Jane Yu

Siuyien Mathews

Amanda Warner

Claire Deeley

Kristen Faller

Steve Conant

Wendy Keats

Dany Abdallah

Mollie Caravello

  1. Welcome & Introductions:  President Kim Smith led, and all attendees introduced themselves, indicated their students’ connections to the Fine Arts program.
  2. Jeff Kerr, Director of Fine Arts: Music department is very grateful for parent participation in marching band home show 10/16/22. Also grateful for assistance from NPMA for coordinating payment for Mean Girls at Providence Performing Arts Center, potentially Les Miserables in November. Poll has been sent to music teachers in district to see what professional organizations they belong to and what dues requirements are since many have to belong to organizations like MMEA in order for district students to participate in festivals. Still working on filling stipend positions in middle school.  Moving at least the 5th grade honor band to a “King Philip” model where there are auditions, but it’s more of a festival rather than a weekly rehearsal requirement.  May do something similar with 5th grade honor chorus.
  3. Vice President Karen Guarin gave an update on bylaws indicating board members must be a parent or guardian of a student currently in the program. Reminder that 3 of the 4 current board members have graduating seniors this year, so they cannot remain on the board at the end of this term.  Nominations for new board members needs to be completed in April. By now, music teachers have Google forms with parent emails on them and Steve Conant may be able to help us with that mailing list.  Karen reached out to elementary school PTOs to see if a representative from the PMA could speak at upcoming meetings, but hasn’t heard back yet.  Marching band home show went well and had many volunteers on 10/16/22.  50/50 raffle raised $1095 using the new QR code method. Informal debrief meeting/lessons learned on 10/25 6-7 NHS cafeteria.  Marching band seniors will wear costumes to 10/20/22 rehearsal to be judged, and light snacks will be provided to continue that tradition.  Brief discussion of marching band holiday party on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.  Location not set yet, but could potentially use Emanuel Lutheran Church.
  4. Secretary Kelly Farewell gave an update on website.  Minutes from September meeting were approved. In future, hard copy of minutes from previous meeting will be provided for review.  Approved changing the February and April meeting dates so they don’t fall during school vacation weeks. Agreed to update website with those, and with link to district wide calendar that Jeff Kerr can provide.
  5. Upcoming events: Jazz Night, Fine Arts Semi Formal (Snowflake Ball) have not been scheduled.  2/16/23 is Jazz Classic.  Madrigal banquet is 12/2/22.  Discussion of location, cost of food, and potentially having a 50/50 raffle or gift baskets.  Motion was made and approved to pick up deficit if there is one for the madrigal banquet.
  6. Treasurer Jane Yu gave an update on finances and treasurer’s report was approved.  Fees for two returned checks.  Considering a request to bank to waive the fees. Still working with former treasurer Tracey Jones who will file taxes for the group. Old version of Quickbooks on a thumb drive, but Dany Abdallah may be able to give suggestions on other desktop options. 50/50 raffle was much easier this year with the QR code at the marching band home show, but we need to research what rules we need to follow in the future if we continue to have 50/50 raffles at other functions.
  7. Brief discussion of student lesson scholarships and individual student accounts but that will be brought up at a future meeting when we have more time to discuss it.
  8. Pending motion: Marching band motion to replace wheels on pit equipment.
  9. Discussion of having someone in charge of social media and advertising for various musical events.  Jeff Kerr is in the process of setting up a district wide Instagram account, perhaps Facebook as well and considering the idea of a student “take over” day to follow a day in the life of one of our musicians/vocalists.

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