PMA Meeting Minutes 3/21/2023

Norwood PMA Meeting 3/21/2023 at the Callahan Elementary School Library,  7-8:45 p.m. Attendees: Kelly Farewell, Siuyien Mathews, Jane Yu, Karen Guarin, Kim Smith, Jeff Kerr, Dany Abdallah, Steve Conant, Eneida Shkruti, Amanda Warner, Claire Deeley, Anita Singh, Linda Lee, Wendy Keats.

Jeff Kerr, Director of Fine Arts discussed all the recent performances including MICCA preview, Celtic Strings performing for the Irish Festival and St. Patrick’s Day as well as the recent art show, the Madrigals performance as well.  Norwood is hosting METG, MICCA Choral, and MAJE festivals very close together.  Discussion of whether we should host all three in the future since it is a drain on our volunteers, but saves us transportation fees when our students attend.  Discussed Fine ARts FEstival at NHS on 4/29.  Norwood PMA will just need a table since that’s not an event we host.  Discussion of Scholarships, and changing the deadline from 4/1 to 4/5.  Give out at Class Day, but announce the top 2 winners at Pops Night (the instrumental and choral highest awards). Discussed Camp Tapawingo again and the pros and cons. Will we have enough participants to meet the camp’s minimum? If it happens, will be 8/13-19.  Will need to share the answer in April so families can plan.  PMA has contributed about $20,000 in the past for this event.  Discussion of whether the school department can absorb the transportation fees of roughly $5,000. Reminder that moving forward, school booster groups need to be 501c corps as their tax entity, but that is not currently what the Norwood PMA is.  Discussion of revamping the music website, and there’s the possibility the same contact can look at revamping the Norwood PMA website for continuity.

President Kim Smith discussed having a subcommittee to discuss long term financial planning in April, including funding not only music camp, but things like uniform and equipment replacement, scholarships, and back away from paying staff and transportation for trips.  Anyone interested in participating in the subcommittee on long term financial planning should email Kim Smith.

Vice President Karen Guarin discussed that the slate of new board members needs be in place to be voted upon at the 5/12 Pops Night. Noted that current board members are documenting the processes to new board won’t have to start from scratch.  Merchandise sold well at MICCA preview concert.  Will need volunteers for the many upcoming events including MICCA, MAJE.

Secretary Kelly Farewell mentioned the meeting minutes from February.  Minutes were approved.  Discussion of how difficult it can be to schedule Fine Arts classes in with high school schedules and other electives.

Treasurer Jane Yu discussed the financial report which was approved.  Discussion of renewing the nonprofit liability insurance, and it was determined that this is absolutely necessary.   Discussed donating the audio recording device that the Norwood PMA purchased to the Fine Arts Dept.  That motion was approved.  Discussed the reimbursement of teacher Jenn Hartnett for the ACDA trip. Motions were made and approved to reimburse Mr. Conant for the digital image needed last fall for marching band, food for staff,  as well as the plaque made for renaming the February jazz event in Mr. Paul Alberta’s name.  Discussed in the future having a mailbox in Norwood High School for the PMA so that we don’t have to pay so much for our own post office box.  Current P.O. box is paid for through the fall of 2023, but it would save the association quite a bit of money not to have to pay to rent a post office boxl.

Ways and Means Committee Chair Linda Lee discussed pasta fundraiser which is ending on 3/23/23.  May need to purchase more merchandise soon to sell since the fleece pajama pants are very popular.  March 30 is the Chateau fundraiser.  Save the date for the car wash on 5/20 8:30-1, weather permitting.  We will need several student and parent volunteers for that.  6/7 may be the Chipotle fundraiser.  Looking to add more photos to the new pamphlet being created for Norwood PMA.  Reminder that all fundraisers have to be approved by Dr. Thompson.

Next meeting 4/25 at the Cleveland Elementary School at 7 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:44 p.m.

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