2017 MMEA Southeast District audition results


The Massachusetts Music Educators Association holds junior and senior music festivals in 5 different districts throughout the state. Norwood is a member of the Southeast district, which extends down to Attleboro and east to include Cape Cod and the islands.  Students audition individually on a pre-selected piece of music and are evaluated on their playing/ singing ability. As you can imagine, in a district of this size the competition is tough.

We’re proud to announce the following students have successfully auditioned for and been accepted to the MMEA Southeast District Senior Music Festival, which will be held January 5-6 at Bourne High School:

Jason Amis
Liana Aspinwall
Claire DeSouza
Joseph DiBlasi
Carolyn Ferris
Kalee Hanson
Alexander Ice
Aristides Koktsidis
Gabriel Labell
Harrison Lane
Mark Larrivee
Mathew Murphy
Ryan O’Connell
Tommy O’Malley
Gia Rodriguez
Erin Ryan
Emili Serratore
Allison Silletti.

We’re proud to announce the following students have successfully auditioned for and been accepted to the MMEA Southeast District Junior Music Festival, which will be held March 16-17 at Taunton High School:

Kristen Campbell
Marianna Carey
Jennifer Ciarletto
Jessica Delli Carpini
Diana Ekechukwu
Alexander Khalil
Mary Lee
Laura Maloney
Gabriella Rodriguez
Khushi Shah
Casey Smith
Jayda Taylor

Music Camp 2017 Travel Update

Dear families,

We are so excited as we finalize preparations for Music camp. We are leaving in 9 days!
Attached you will find a Music camp Bulletin that gives you information about what your student should bring with her or him. Hydration is important, as well as proper foot wear. All students should have the music they will need at camp. There are no photocopiers available, nor printers.
This is a camp in a beautiful woodland setting.
Should you have any questions, please contact Cathy Moen at cmoen@norwood.k12.ma.us or me at lisasilletti@gmail.com.
At this point, if you need to provide a photograph, medical cards, or other documentation, you are responsible for bringing with you on the morning of departure. Please do not email it to me, I will not have access to a printer prior to departure. 
Your child will not be allowed on the bus without completed registration forms, medical forms, medical insurance cards, and photograph. (You should have been contacted by now via email)
Should you have any questions, please contact Cathy Moen at cmoen@norwood.k12.ma.us or me at lisasilletti@gmail.com.
Reminder to Senior parents – please let me know if you intend to come to Senior Night at camp or not. Thank you.
Lisa Silletti
Music Camp Coordinator

Music Camp 2017

Music Camp Paperwork 2017

Over Night School Medical Form

Above are the forms you will need to fill out and return to the Fine Arts Department office at the High School.

Camp happens in August with students in the Marching Band grades 8-12, NHS Madrigal choir, String Orchestra, Chamber Choir & drama programs. The students attend a week long music camp at Camp Tapawingo in Sweden, Maine. The purpose of this camp is to provide an uninterrupted atmosphere in which students in these groups can prepare for their upcoming competitive and performance seasons.

For many years our Music Camp ventures have been a tremendous success, both musically and socially. The daily schedule includes 7-1/2 hours of daily rehearsals and classes, supplemented by a variety of recreational activities, which are an integral part of our program, such as swimming, softball, football and basketball.

Proposed Music Trip for HS students

Unfortunately this trip has been cancelled.   Anyone who sent in a deposit will get their check back.  The timing for this did not work out well with the start of the new school year.  Mrs. Moen is looking into options for the following year.


This proposed trip to Nashville & Memphis has been a long time coming and is sure to be a great trip.  Its not set in stone yet but it’s planned for this coming spring given enough interest from the students.  If you are instested in going or learning more about the trip you can contact Mrs. Connor-Moen at the high school.

Music Camp Reminders!

***Camper’s medications should be individually dosed in envelopes with day and time for administration and include original package or container with pharmacy label or campers name on it. All placed in one gallon ZIPLOCK style bag with you camper’s name.

*Please remember to send a fitted sheet for the cot mattress, even if your child uses a a sleeping bag. (and pjs, flannel pants & tshirt)
*Each camper should have a pillow with two pillow cases
*Flip flops or suitable sandal for shower
*Travel case (or ziplock style bag) for toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush, deodorant)
* TWO TOWELS – one for shower, one for beach
Raincoat, poncho, rain boots – dress for the weather!

Label your student’s belongings! They are responsible for their belongings. Electronic devices are allowed, but discouraged as the campers are busy with rehearsal and need their sleep. We have a strict lights out policy so that everyone gets enough rest. (There is no WIFI)
Please do send more than $20.00 the only opportunity to spend it will be on the ride home at the rest area.
Please let me know of any Senior night reservation changes as soon as possible.

The camp mailing address
Camper’s Name – Norwood Music Camp 2016
Camp Tapawingo
166 Tapawingo Road
Sweden, Maine 04040

The camp has a website – http://www.camptapawingo.com/
See you Sunday morning!
My best,
Lisa SIlletti
Music Camp Coordinator

Preseason Marching Band Uniform information

Hello Everyone,

I know we are all preparing for Band Camp this weekend and looking forward to a great season this fall.  I am preparing to outfit all the kids for the season and will start as soon as they return from camp.

Three things that need attention:

1.  Attached you will find an order form for T Shirts, Shoes and Gloves.  Please complete this form and return it by August 29th as I need to place the order.

T Shirts:  Every student needs at least one.  I  recommend two, as they must be worn every time the student is in uniform. ON weekends with a show on Saturday and Sunday it is helpful to have a clean one ready to go.
Shoes:  There are a limited number of shoes available without charge.  I can not guarantee we will have a pair for your child, although I will make an attempt to fit your child with what we have.  If you wish to order your own pair, this form will cover that.
Every student needs at least one pair of gloves.  New students need to order a pair, exiting student will know if theirs need to be replaced.
2.  Fitting your child for a uniform.  I will begin this process after they return from camp.  If either you or your child is uncomfortable with me measuring them for their uniform, please complete the attached form and either email it back to me or have your child bring it to practice after band camp.

3. Volunteers Needed:  After the start of the school year, I will begin to seek volunteers to help chaperone the shows.  Please let me know if you would like to be included in the requests.  Also, if anyone is available to help with the uniform fittings, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.  It is going to be a great year!


Diane Wilson

Marching Band Order Form Word document

Marching Band Order Form PDF document

Uniform Measurement Form


Norwood Marching Band Meeting and Fall 2016-2017 Schedule

You can download the PDF of this meeting and it’s schedule here -> 2016-2017 Marching band meeting

Norwood Marching Band Meeting Fall 2016-17 Defending Division 3 NESBA Champions and MICCA Gold Medalist
Welcome Parents, Students, and Staff to our Organizational Meeting.

Our Marching Band wears many hats and has a few different looks:

•     As a “Pep Band” at home football games + Thanksgiving away and home.

•     As a “Parade Band” at four hometown parades.

•     As an “Outdoor Performance Ensemble” for evaluation and competition.

We learn one show for the entire season, unlike many college bands that learn multiple shows per fall season.

The Woodwinds and Brass are all marching members and play melodic, and or counter melodic parts.

The Battery – (Marching Percussion) carry their instrument and march.

The Front Ensemble is the section composed of keyboard percussion, too large to carry percussion, and any electronic instruments if used.(These students march parades.)

The Color Guard is the section that visually represents the music and emotions created by the music. Sometimes it is with a flag, a sabre, or a rifle. Sometimes it is based on dance depending upon the mood and or style of the program.

Our goals for the students are:

•     A higher level of individual skill development: Instrumental or Color Guard

•     Improved musicianship.

•     Awareness of the individual’s role in a large group activity.

•     Team work and collaboration (Everyone is an active participant, no bench.)

•     Improved physical fitness.

•     Student awareness on how to manage their time.

Expectations for student membership:

•     To be on time, is to be early. Students should plan on being at events and rehearsals 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. This allows them to stretch out, take cafe of any equipment needs, and be prepared to start rehearsal on time in order to maximize our potential as a performance group.

•     Attendance at rehearsals and performances are mandatory. Unlike many activities everyone is an integral part in the rehearsal process and the performance. One member missing makes it difficult for anyone near them in a marching formation, in the overall balance of the sound, or sequential maneuver in the Color Guard. The expectation is that you will be here because you want to be here. Do not ask to miss rehearsal or performance for the following reasons:

1.    A professional sporting event.

2.    A concert.

3.    A family birthday celebration.

4.    Homework/School Project.

*Students that choose to participate in a fall sport will be given leeway in order to get to rehearsal after a game or team practice as long as every effort to get there quickly is made.


Rehearsal and Performance Schedule 2016-17


May 31st (T), June 2nd (R) 6-8 P.M.

June 7th (T) 9* (R) 6-8:30 P.M.

July 12th, 19th, 26th (T) 5:30-8:30 P.M.

August 2nd (T) 5:30-8:30

August 14th-20th – Music Camp Week (Sun-Sat)

August 23rd (T), 24th, (W), 25th (R) 5:30-9 P.M.

August 30th (T), August 31st (W), September 1st (R) 5:30 – 9:00 P.M.

September: Tuesdays 6,13, 20, 27 – 5:30-8:30

Thursdays: 8,15, 22, 29 – 5:30-8:30

Saturdays 10,17, 24-9 AM to 3 PM/AsScheduled.

October: Tuesdays 4,11,18, 25 – 5:30-8:30

Thursdays 6,13, 20, 27 – 5:30m-8:30

Saturdays 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 As scheduled due to performances.

Performance Schedule (As of Today)

Saturday, September 10th Norwood Day Parade, Football vs Framingham 1 PM Sunday, September 24th, NESBA Competition at Melrose H.S.

Saturday, October 1st, Football vs. Walpole 1 PM, USBANDS Competition at K.P. SAT Test

Saturday, October 8th, NESBA Competition at Wakefield

Saturday, October 15th Football vs Wellesley 2 PM

Sunday, October 16th MICCA Evaluation at Norwood

Saturday, October 22nd, NESBA Competition at Somerset Berkley

Sunday, October 23rd, MICCA State Finals at Lawrence Veterans Stadium

Saturday, October 29th Football vs. TBA

Sunday,October 30th NESBA Finals at Lawrence Veterans Stadium Saturday, November 5th Football vs. TBA, SAT Test – “Grade 7+8 Band Day”

Friday, November 11th, Veteran’s Day 10 A.M. Parade Saturday, November 12th Football vs. TBA

Thursday, November 26th, Thanksgiving Day Game Home 10 A.M. – “Alumni Day”

Sunday, November 27th, Holiday Parade in the Afternoon.

Monday, May 29th, Memorial Day Parade 10 A.M.

A detailed schedule will be made available before the new school year.

Weekly updates will happen via email and Facebook.

Rehearsals will take place on the turf field-at NHS. IF the turf field is unavailable, we may move to the Cleveland Elementary School or other useable venue.


Music Camp: August I4th-20nd

For many decades, the Norwood Music Program has travelled to Sweden Maine for the annual music camp at Camp Tapawingo where we are the only school on site. At this camp we hope to gain a leg up on our competition by maximizing our time to learn while still having opportunities for the students to play organized sporting games, swimming, social time, eating and sleeping.

Camp Tapawingo is a rustic camp in Maine near Shawnee Peak and Bridgeton, ME. Students will have daily schedule beginning with Revile, Breakfast, Morning Rehearsal, Rest Period, Lunch, Activity (swimming or sports), Dinner, Evening Rehearsal, and Social time. (Lets just say the students’ sleep well after a long day!) How do we insure this? We are fortunate to have a staff of alumni that serve as councilors for our week away. They help us take great care of the students in the Marching Band, Color Guard, Madrigal Choir and the Second Choir and or Theater students from Norwood. As many of the returning students know, camp is a special opportunity, and it is hard work but includes some very fun memories that last a lifetime.


Marching Mid Brass and Low brass instruments are supplied by the school: Tuba, Mellophone, and Baritone.

All percussion instruments are provided.

Colorguard equipment is provided but members will need to purchase an equipment bag.

A Norwood High School band uniform will be issued to each member of the band. You will be responsible for any needed alterations, typically a hem of the pants or cuff.

Students will be asked to Dry Clean it at Lustra Cleansers and return it before December Vacation. If the band is caught in bad weather/mud, students may be asked to clean their uniform an extra time. Band members will need to purchase gloves and shoes. This will be coordinated by a parent volunteer.

The Color Guard will be issued an “Outfit” that will match with the theme of our show.

Students will need to purchase a bodysuit to wear underneath this outfit as directed.

Financial Requirements

•     There is a $150.00 Activity Fee which is a flat fee for the entire school year Fine Arts Participation. This payment is due BEFORE October 1st, 2016

•     Music Camp is $400. This includes transportation to and from on a coach bus as well as all meals. (Camp forms are available.)

•     Shoes, gloves, bodysuit (guard) $45-75 per member (Band-Guard)

•     Spending money at evaluations and competitions, as needed.


Students will have fundraising opportunities as an individual and may be asked to help with fimdraising activities for the Marching Band and Color Guard during the season.

Parent/Guardian Help Is Needed, and fun is to be had….

Please consider taking an active role in your child’s extra curricular activity! This group needs help in so many ways just to get the kids to their first performance: Chaperoning, Uniform Help, Pit Crew Volunteers, Truck Loaders, Prop Design, Fundraising etc….You can also volunteer by attending a monthly PMA meeting every 2nd Wednesday of the month. Everyone is a member and your voice counts at these meetings. We also host a marching band show and need lots of help to make it a great success.

Please consider the following when making your decision to participate:

•     A decision to participate should be reached prior to the first rehearsal.

•     When payment and registration is received for camp, you will have a spot written for you in the marching drill and or percussion writing. If you decide to pull out after that it makes life very difficult for the writers and remaining band and guard personnel. If you are concerned about any aspect of the program before or after you join, do not hesitate to speak to a member of the staff or

Mr. Conant immediately so we can help you become a highly successful and dedicated ensemble member.


Mr. Conant – sconant@norwood.kl2.ma.us W: 781-352-3549 Cell: 508-369-4015 Fall Staff 2016

Winds Staff: Tim MacDonald, Sean Lee Percussion Staff: Matt Cavanaugh, Nate MacMillen,

Visual Staff: Sean Lee, Katherine Dimitriou Guard Staff: Michael Lombo, Jamie O’Brien

More staff will be announced as the season gets closer.

Program Fall 2016 Announcement made verbally at the end of the meeting.