PMA Meeting Minutes 1/17/2023

Norwood PMA Meeting 1/17/2023

Prescott Elementary School  7-8:30 p.m.


Kelly Farewell

Karen Guarin

Dan Caparrotta

Jane Yu

Kristen Faller

Wendy Keats

Claire Deeley

  1. Vice President Karen Guarin discussed the need for volunteers to assist with this week’s Coakley Middle School concert.  Discussed the Fine Arts semi formal scheduled for 1/27/23 at Four Points Sheraton and whether or not invitations were sent to all Fine Arts students since it seemed many didn’t know about the event.  Parent volunteers needed to chaperone and decorate the hall for the semi formal.  Discussion of events and rehearsals (high school) not being added to the Fine Arts calendar, and therefore not on the PMA website, so families don’t know when events and rehearsals are being held.  Karen will follow up with Jeff Kerr on these items.  Question of how students going to the ACDA national concert in February is being paid for needs to be directed to Jeff Kerr for additional information.
  2. Secretary Kelly Farewell discussed minutes from December meeting which were approved.
  3. Treasurer Jane Yu gave financial report which was approved.  Merchandise purchasing is steady, especially when we have items in stock at concerts and events.  May need to place another merchandise order and include smaller sizes.
  4. Ways and Means.  Considering the Fun Pasta fundraiser with Steve and Linda Lee taking the lead. May also consider adding a 50/50 raffle to the Jazz Night.  Linda looked into car wash tentatively Saturday 5/20, but will need students to help. PMA has sold water/candy, and even pizza at Pops Night and has done well with fundraising that way.  May consider shout outs for Pops Night to raise money as well, either just written notes, or option of artificial flowers that Jane is looking into for us.
  5. No updates yet on summer music camp. No details yet on when Jazz Night will be held, but location should be Norwood High School.
  6. New Business: Madrigals and Celtic strings sent their thanks to PMA for funding their luncheon in December.  Discussed need for parents of younger students to volunteer to take the board positions for next year (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary).  Must be nominated by April and voted on in the May meeting, which are all coming up very quickly.
  7. Adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

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