PMA Meeting Minutes – April 15, 2021

NPMA Meeting notes

April 15, 2021

Paul Campbell
Patrick Marquis
Mollie Caravello
Jeanna Ayoub
Catherine Connor-Moen
Sheri McLeish (notetaker)
Steve and Linda Lee
Steven Conant

Sheri to update the form – send link to group, C. Moen to approve and distribute in school; Sheri to send email to NPMA distro list and post on the website

Discussed car wash in May but decided not to hold at this time because don’t want kids to feel obligated to participate while still distancing and Covid precautions in place

Camp update
Need to get full band to be successful camp; considering local camp. Recognize need to make a decision soon.

Marching and color guard band update
Still planning for show on May 13 or 15th May, maybe both. Reshape and restage vs. marching, limited what can do with time we have. Not going to plug much in electronically, some sound system support but minimal

Discussed cleaning out costume room at the Savage Center – Jeanna Ayoub said looking to work on it over April vacation because no one there. Mollie offered to help.

Talked about in hs under auditorium is old clock tower stored, paint, white boards, etc., how might be able to clean out

How want to recognize seniors this year? 30-35 students graduating

Are doing prom with food trucks, dancing on football field with social distancing

Maybe look at cookout or other way to host celebration

Will look for teachers to do first outreach and let know who interested

Dine out night in the works for Bertucci’s and a few other places

Try to put together special gifts/package for seniors

Getting a $500 donation from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones for participating in video promo

Next NPMA meeting will be Thursday, May 13

PMA Meeting Minutes – March 11, 2021

Norwood PMA Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2021

7 p.m. via Zoom


Paul Campbell

Sasha Guilaeff

Cathy Umbay

Patrick Marquis

Katie McConoughy

Jennifer Hartnett

Catherine Conner-Moen

Kristen Curran-Faller

Linda Lee

Jeanna Ayoub

Sheri McLeish (notetaker)


1. President update – Paul welcomes everyone

2. Fine Arts update

– band camp – camp will be open, but will it be too limited or will our kids want to go/parents feel comfortable; TBD – A little early to decide

– scholarships – 2021 scholarship form coming out soon, looking to use a digital form that’s been created. To be reviewed and OK’d by Fine Arts Director

Catherine – Talked last time about scholarships – we have softened so many of our standards this year because been outrageously difficult year should also modify/relax our standards

thinking about challenges face with agreed would be appropriate

this year because in a pandemic, relax standards for grade requirements to receive award money, rubrik rigorous on how to awarded, teachers have input

Treasurer update – scholarships being paid out successful completion of first semester of school

NPMA administering for director of fine arts

Website update – Tony and Sheri – working to consolidate to series of links, sticking with WordPress because have another year left on the account, working with Katie on PR and outreach

Discussed standard email address for all to use, able to use google apps to store materials, photos, etc. UPDATE – New email address created – .

PR / outreach update – Katie M and Jeanna – have contact, doing outreach with local newspapers

Merch – Looking to create digital merch store, link to website. Linda and Steve, and Steve A offered to help

School music happenings –

Jen H updates on plans for seniors this year, has been meeting with a group of students to encapsulate senior year, what they want to do, be safe, what they want spring to look like – one thing they really want is their camp shirt and leis the flowers that they give at camp. Really want senior skits

Discussed ideas and how to do a skit, or senior activity night – be outside, bring blankets – maybe by May be able to do more. Really looking for things they have been looking forward to for being seniors.

Cathy – Notes if the state is opening up it would seem we should be able to do something outside. Maybe push later into May and do a sr. picnic type activity, will need to do some planning

Update Norwood 150th – asking for school input, going to be highlighted during Fine Arts Festival 2022

Talked about Friday night prior having an alumni concert – music, drama, dance, anything – people very receptive, website now active

Celtic Strings up and running, Madrigals may be able to sing

Discussed if include kids may have dropped out because covid, not just current – use 2019 list

Patrick update on NPMA officers for 2021

Officers for next year, sent out electronic ballot, pushed slate forward:



Paul Campbell

Vice President

Patrick Marquis


Sheri McLeish


Tracey Jones

Ways & Means and Special Fundraising Committee

Mollie and Tony Caravello, Steve and Linda Lee, Steve Ayoub


Marching Band Classic Coordinators

Mollie Caravello & Marcia Leonard

Database & Publicity

Katie McConnaughy


Tony Caravello

Music Camp Coordinator

Jeanna Ayoub


Performance Coordinator – Instrumental

Paul Campbell and Patrick Marquis

Performance Coordinator – Choral

Jeanna Ayoub

Performance Coordinator – Jazz Groups

Mollie Caravello & Marcia Leonard (Co) & Kathie Umbay (Asst)

Performance Coordinator – Marching Band

Amy Campbell

Color Guard Coordinator

Laura Sullivan

MICCA Classic Coordinator – Choral

Jeanna Ayoub, Eve Madden


Next meeting will be April 15, 2021

PMA Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2021

NPMA Association meeting notes

Feb 11 Meeting

Paul Campbell
Patrick Marquis

Sheri McLeish (notetaker)
Kathie and Sasha Guliaeff
Jennifer Hartnett
Catherine Connor-Moen
Steve Conant
Tony Caravello
Jeanna and Steve Ayoub
Katie McConnaughyUpdates

Paul C announces that Ernie Boch grant received – $5,000
Asked for $2,000 and ended up with $5,000
not earmarked for anything specific – able to go to general fundScholarships for last year being dispersed; some students that deferred and will receive payment once complete year and provide transcript

In the past have delayed payment for a semester.
NPMA decided that it was OK to extend a year due to COVID.
Students need a B- cumulative average
Discussed need to get grades or if can’t just payout as scholarship based on success at HS

Music Camp Update
C. Moen – spoke to camp director – would be operating as a bubble, masking 6 ft apart
need to consider – no more than 8 people per bunk – so more cabins and counselors
only outdoor activities as stands now
singing all would be out on the platform behind jr counselor cabin
Night activities – nothing indoors but could use tennis courts for outdoor night activities
Gets dark by 8-ish so perhaps outdoor social or if not kids to their bunks 8:30 at night which is early for HS students
If have any bad weather we have a problem
Limited to 50 people in the dining hall
Not be an eating experience like we are used to – would be guessing more grab and go type of thing
A lot of things to consider
Might be better by August so safer to plan for the challenges and anything that improves could be a positive
Very definite constraints
Can use the barn but other percussion cabin can’t used
Alternatives – maybe look in state by constraints might be the same
This would not be my preference, but a lot of towns hold locally at the school but not preference because not same type of bonding as camp, get them out of cell phone range, captive audience
Would be less expensive
Would worry if miss camp two years in a row would it be feasible to go back
A lot of ways to create a camp in Norwood, use town facilities
No contract yet, still figuring out regulations for Maine, a lot TBD
Don’t have to make decisions right now
Over the summer planning to install lights at the field, may impact ability to use the field over summer for band

Board positions
Patrick – have we decided to move forward with positions
Online ballot – same officers moving forward as this year, other than treasurer bc of administration needed to change accounts so will go through end of year when all officers switch
Generally need student in program to be on board, might consider allowing more participation as in need of volunteers and talent in group

Band update
They are rehearsing in person and via google meet and a hybrid of both. Marching Band is rehearsing in person.

Next meeting will be held Thursday, March 11 at 7 p.m.

Please forward to anyone interested – email to to join the email list.

PMA Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2021

NPMA Meeting Notes
January 14, 2021

Patrick Marquis
Sheri McLeish (notetaker)
Eve Madden
Steve Lee
Sasha and Kathie ()
Katie McConaughey
Marcia Leonard
Steve Ayoub
Jennifer Hartnett
Catherine Connor-Moen
Paul Campbell


Sheri and Tony reviewed website needs, planning to update for March / before sign ups so can have place for info and sign up, along with links back to school, social media and important dates

Marcia updates on merch, looking to create online store with a few items including shirt and mask, will be featured from website and social

Music Dept Updates
Southeast Massachusetts Educators Associations
Junior District Audition for 7-9 this weekend
Allstate for seniors next weekend, need video sent in by 20th

Treasurer update
Sasha needs to contact Tracey to make transition, doesn’t have access yet to materials

Waiting to hear on Ernie Boch grant

Discussed Venmo, need to take payments online and in person, or another online payment app

Ms. Connor-Moen – Norwood 150 next year, opportunity to do some outreach, alumni groups, may have multiple events, planning now year long celebration

Online recital 4th and 5th grade band recorded before holiday break

Instrumentalists have been allowed to come in to play

No singing yet but working towards it as makes sense

virtual jazz auditions after school coming up

No jazz choir this year

Marching band percussion and guard starting next week

TBD if will be band camp, depend where at with pandemic

Scholarships – transcripts beginning to come in, don’t have to be in until March 1

To collect scholarship must have completed first semester with GPA provided

Coming senior class applications come out in April and generally announce winners at Pops Night middle of May

Running for or keeping current position on NPMA board let Patrick know

Need to let parents know and recruit as well as students

Talked about mentoring, recruitment for students – thinking how to best engage students

Outreach via schools, PTOs, social to invite parents to get involved/attend board meetings

Eve idea – performing at elementary schools before, possible to do something outside at the schools in the spring to see option? C. Moen believes principals would be open to idea, maybe split up small band or chorus going to different schools

Jennifer H- also working on recruiting videos for chorus and band has one

PMA Meeting Minutes – December 10, 2020

Dec 10 PMA meeting

Paul Campbell
Linda and Steve Lee
Patrick Marquis
Marcia Leonard
Steve Conant
Jeanna and Steve Ayoub
Jennifer Hartnett
Catherine Connor-Moen
Katie McCounnaghy
Eve Madden
Sheri McLeish (notetaker)

Discussed potential holiday parade but not  participating due to Covid  restriction changes

Changes go into effect Sunday so Madrigals may still perform prior

Dec 23 High School light show with police, but outdoor events may be scaled back stay tuned – TBD

Boch grant due last week, submitted in nick of time – decisions forthcoming; hoping to get an award TBD

C. Moen – Request from Madrigals for funds to buy lunch for when go caroling – approved

After holidays looking to get jazz up and running, ensembles, honor groups at CMS, now that people have better idea what can and cannot do

Banquet to watch if didn’t see it live:

In spring expect marching band activities

Discuss selling shirts – “keep music alive in 2020” and masks. Sheri to look into Venmo, Marcia & Janice merch order prep

J. Hartnett – Applications Tri-M students- get certificate and pin, looking to get induction prior to holiday break

Looking at activities can participate, maybe connect with 8th grade as recruiting hard this year because no concerts, etc.

Cookies from Amy welcome for Tri-M students

Caroling outside at elementary schools – probably not make it to St Catherine’s this year because scheduling and not splitting performances with Celtic Strings

S. Conant – band and orchestra submitting virtual recordings, never done before so try editing and put together

Happy holidays – good to still be together

PMA Meeting Minutes – November 5, 2020

11/12/2020 Virtual Meeting
Margo Fraczek           Cindy DeJesus
Sarah Caparrotta       Divina 38 (screen name)
Marie Foley                 Mollie Caravello
LaTasha Bryant           Kelly Grenham
Michelle Martino         Paula Flanagan
Daniel Doherty            Lexa Iantuono Sullivan
Vani M                          Abida Abdul Latif
Ana Arias                     RMD D (screen Name)
Tom Ahearn                 Yaffa Karasik
Lauren Brent
Meeting Content
Special Olympics Unified Champions Program
   -funding for prizes
   -all school inclusion through peer leadership and
     Friendship groups
   – fitness sessions during Mustang blocks (Paul Nimblett)
Parent Teacher Conferences
   -12/2 in the afternoon
   -12/3 & 12/10 during the evening
    All conferences held through google meet
Program Updates:  World Savvy and PLTW
    -WORLD SAVVY: Explores Global issues at a project
      base level.  For example, food deserts, and creating a
      plan for how to service that issue
   -PLTW: Project Lead the Way is a program that
    introduces students to the way of the future through
    instruments  such as building, coding, creating and
   developing, STEM projects and medical detectives
Teacher Appreciation
   -Sign Up Genius asking families to
    contribute snacks for the teachers room

   (Monday after Thanksgiving-Kelley)

Treasurer report

   -$4000 before dues
   -dues letters with payment information
     (Monday completion)
   -Amazon smiles participant
Fundraising/Virtual Fundraising
   -grandma’s coffee cakes (Lexa & Mollie)
   -possibly theatre performances
   -recycle electronics
   -Savers (possibly coordinate both recycle
               and Savers at the same time)
   -links for free programs student could participate in during independent time
    Programs such as claymation

PMA Meeting Minutes – October 8, 2020

NPMA Oct 8 Meeting

Paul Campbell
Catherine Connor-Moen
Tony C
Katie M
Steve & Linda Lee
Ms. Hartnett
Patrick Marquis
Mike & Karen Guarin
Edward Ferris
Steve Conant
Marcia Leonard
Katherine Umbay
Jeanna & Steve Ayoub

Sheri McLeish (notetaker)

Meeting Opens
Paul: Asks if anything PMA can do this year to assist Fine Arts Dept

C. Moen: curriculum ensembles happening and hoping for some extra curricular but problem guidelines not permitting playing or singing indoors

New state guidelines allows small, distanced performances but nothing on teaching

Teachers doing a great job teaching outside but Oct so not going to last long.

Second week up and running classes, very delayed start so hard to get handle on what will be able to do.

Steve C just had meeting to see if can have a marching band activity. Virtual madrigal banquet discussed, working to reinvent

Southeast District not being held. Auditions for all state to be held but virtual. MICCA cancelled

Lessons taking place but all remote

Shout out to Amy, Larry and Elana – registered elementary night all drive by. Probably how do going forward, used Google forms and had all lined up so just drove through and delivered. Knocked it out of the park. Registrations are way down, combo things bc format, economy. We have a lot of school instruments and won’t turn anyone away

We helped out N. Quincy – Ed assisted to build tympani transport stand, made $260 for PMA


Fundraising Discussion

NPMA annual fundraising generates $15-$20K a year through events and merchandise

Give around $10K in scholarships plus operating expenses

Need about $10,000 to stay abreast for year

  • Support your student, dollar sheets – maybe pictures from lessons kids to pull
  • Pie fundraiser again?
  • Idea for fundraising through caroling or playing music, socially distanced – Madrigals are thinking doing it but way to give back to the community, food insecurity support. Still in the planning phase and dependent on changes in infection rates, etc.
  • Scholarship fundraising – virtual recital? Maybe sponsorable? And could be done completely remote
  • Sponsor student to practice?
  • Create a CD? Because copyright can be a challenge … Talent show? Request student play a song?
  • Pay to be flamingoed / flocked – $25 to put on someone’s lawn and $25 to get them moved to someone else’s lawn
  • Make and sell NPMA masks and 2020 NPMA shirt
  • Pledge-a-thon – duets, ensemble, nice to give kids project to work on
  • Discussed variety of performance, project type ideas, telethon, virtual performance, etc. collaborating with video group, not sure if right fit, might ask for assistance if want to sign on for it

S Conant – planning one piece from each ensemble, each cycle

Set up calendar for planned fundraising – Sheri

  • Promote Amazon – via FB, website
  • Restaurants – Marcia, Sheri, anyone else?
  • Merchandise – masks, shirt 2020 – Marcia, Jen, Sheri

Plan for spring event / activity – Goal to showcase students to recognize the work they have done in the spring – Group – parent lead?

Update website for merch – Sheri, Tony, Ed

Next month’s meeting – Thursday, Nov. 5 at 7 p.m.

PMA Meeting Notes – May 8, 2020

PMA Meeting Minutes – FINAL

May 8, 2019

Norwood High School, Library


Call to Order: 7:08 pm


Welcome by Paul Campbell, President


Attendance: Paul Campbell (President), Patrick Marquis (VP), Tracey Jones (Treasurer), Ed Ferris (Publicity/Webmaster), Amy Doherty Nee (Secretary), Katie McConnaughy (Publicity), Patricia Souza (Choral Coordinator), Janice Hall (Ways & Means), Marcia Leonard (Ways & Means), Kristen Serratore (Ways & Means), Tony Caravello, Mollie Caravello, Cathy Connor-Moen (Director of Fine Arts), Becca Jackson (Jazz Coord), Diane Wilson, Sarah Jackson


  • Approval of Last Month’s Meeting Minutes:  Paul Campbell

Motion made and seconded to approve the meeting minutes of April 2019:  

Motion approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report: Tracey Jones
  • MICCA was great success
  • Reviewed $ in and out


Motion made and seconded to approve FY (April) treasurer’s report: 

Motion approved.

  1. Vice President’s Report:  Patrick Marquis
  • PMA board member positions confirmed for school year 2019-2020.
  • Should we sell merch at upcoming middle school spring concerts – decision made not to


  1. Ways & Means: Janice, Kristen, & Marcia
  • Car wash this Saturday May 11th. Paul has signs and materials. Set up at 8:00
  • POPs Friday, May 10th 
  • Jazz night Monday, May 13th 
  • Give out flyers at concerts about OneNorwood override vote
  • Discussion about presence of OneNorwood materials at Memorial Day parade. Maybe hand-out flyer


  • Choral: Patricia Souza
  • Need to revise the ways in which kids volunteer at events, such as assignments and tasks
  • Need separate hospitality person and additional coordinator
  • Maybe appoint a head student volunteer


  • Fine Arts Jackets: Sarah Jackson
  • Sarah has asked students whether they would like a Fine Arts Letter Jackets – it’s a yes from kids


  1. Marching Band
  • Marching band meeting Monday 5/20, CMS auditorium 
  • Start collecting money June 4 for camp if override goes through
  • Music camp August 19th-25th


  • Cathy Moen
  • Has money from Great East
  • May 24 is elementary group Great East – hosted here at NHS
  • May 31 we are hosting Great East at CMS
  • Senior awards May 23rd
  • PMA scholarship form due May 7th
  • MICCA results – several groups received gold and silver medals


  • Quorum: 2018/2019 PMA Board, there are eleven (11) voting Board Members.  In order to have a quorum, six (6) Board Members must be present.

  • NEXT PMA meeting will be June 12th at 7PM in the HS Library

Adjourned at 8:01 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Amy Doherty Nee

PMA Scholarship

PMA Scholarship Application
All graduating seniors who have contributed to the Norwood Public Schools Music program are eligible to apply for a Norwood Parents Music Association Scholarship award.
This application (see Google form) must be completed and returned by April 1, 2023.

Please be sure to include all your activities and awards.

If you have any questions, please see Mr. Jeff Kerr in the Fine Arts office.