PMA Meeting Minutes – April 15, 2021

NPMA Meeting notes

April 15, 2021

Paul Campbell
Patrick Marquis
Mollie Caravello
Jeanna Ayoub
Catherine Connor-Moen
Sheri McLeish (notetaker)
Steve and Linda Lee
Steven Conant

Sheri to update the form – send link to group, C. Moen to approve and distribute in school; Sheri to send email to NPMA distro list and post on the website

Discussed car wash in May but decided not to hold at this time because don’t want kids to feel obligated to participate while still distancing and Covid precautions in place

Camp update
Need to get full band to be successful camp; considering local camp. Recognize need to make a decision soon.

Marching and color guard band update
Still planning for show on May 13 or 15th May, maybe both. Reshape and restage vs. marching, limited what can do with time we have. Not going to plug much in electronically, some sound system support but minimal

Discussed cleaning out costume room at the Savage Center – Jeanna Ayoub said looking to work on it over April vacation because no one there. Mollie offered to help.

Talked about in hs under auditorium is old clock tower stored, paint, white boards, etc., how might be able to clean out

How want to recognize seniors this year? 30-35 students graduating

Are doing prom with food trucks, dancing on football field with social distancing

Maybe look at cookout or other way to host celebration

Will look for teachers to do first outreach and let know who interested

Dine out night in the works for Bertucci’s and a few other places

Try to put together special gifts/package for seniors

Getting a $500 donation from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones for participating in video promo

Next NPMA meeting will be Thursday, May 13

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