PMA Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2021

NPMA Meeting Notes
January 14, 2021

Patrick Marquis
Sheri McLeish (notetaker)
Eve Madden
Steve Lee
Sasha and Kathie ()
Katie McConaughey
Marcia Leonard
Steve Ayoub
Jennifer Hartnett
Catherine Connor-Moen
Paul Campbell


Sheri and Tony reviewed website needs, planning to update for March / before sign ups so can have place for info and sign up, along with links back to school, social media and important dates

Marcia updates on merch, looking to create online store with a few items including shirt and mask, will be featured from website and social

Music Dept Updates
Southeast Massachusetts Educators Associations
Junior District Audition for 7-9 this weekend
Allstate for seniors next weekend, need video sent in by 20th

Treasurer update
Sasha needs to contact Tracey to make transition, doesn’t have access yet to materials

Waiting to hear on Ernie Boch grant

Discussed Venmo, need to take payments online and in person, or another online payment app

Ms. Connor-Moen – Norwood 150 next year, opportunity to do some outreach, alumni groups, may have multiple events, planning now year long celebration

Online recital 4th and 5th grade band recorded before holiday break

Instrumentalists have been allowed to come in to play

No singing yet but working towards it as makes sense

virtual jazz auditions after school coming up

No jazz choir this year

Marching band percussion and guard starting next week

TBD if will be band camp, depend where at with pandemic

Scholarships – transcripts beginning to come in, don’t have to be in until March 1

To collect scholarship must have completed first semester with GPA provided

Coming senior class applications come out in April and generally announce winners at Pops Night middle of May

Running for or keeping current position on NPMA board let Patrick know

Need to let parents know and recruit as well as students

Talked about mentoring, recruitment for students – thinking how to best engage students

Outreach via schools, PTOs, social to invite parents to get involved/attend board meetings

Eve idea – performing at elementary schools before, possible to do something outside at the schools in the spring to see option? C. Moen believes principals would be open to idea, maybe split up small band or chorus going to different schools

Jennifer H- also working on recruiting videos for chorus and band has one

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