PMA Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2021

NPMA Association meeting notes

Feb 11 Meeting

Paul Campbell
Patrick Marquis

Sheri McLeish (notetaker)
Kathie and Sasha Guliaeff
Jennifer Hartnett
Catherine Connor-Moen
Steve Conant
Tony Caravello
Jeanna and Steve Ayoub
Katie McConnaughyUpdates

Paul C announces that Ernie Boch grant received – $5,000
Asked for $2,000 and ended up with $5,000
not earmarked for anything specific – able to go to general fundScholarships for last year being dispersed; some students that deferred and will receive payment once complete year and provide transcript

In the past have delayed payment for a semester.
NPMA decided that it was OK to extend a year due to COVID.
Students need a B- cumulative average
Discussed need to get grades or if can’t just payout as scholarship based on success at HS

Music Camp Update
C. Moen – spoke to camp director – would be operating as a bubble, masking 6 ft apart
need to consider – no more than 8 people per bunk – so more cabins and counselors
only outdoor activities as stands now
singing all would be out on the platform behind jr counselor cabin
Night activities – nothing indoors but could use tennis courts for outdoor night activities
Gets dark by 8-ish so perhaps outdoor social or if not kids to their bunks 8:30 at night which is early for HS students
If have any bad weather we have a problem
Limited to 50 people in the dining hall
Not be an eating experience like we are used to – would be guessing more grab and go type of thing
A lot of things to consider
Might be better by August so safer to plan for the challenges and anything that improves could be a positive
Very definite constraints
Can use the barn but other percussion cabin can’t used
Alternatives – maybe look in state by constraints might be the same
This would not be my preference, but a lot of towns hold locally at the school but not preference because not same type of bonding as camp, get them out of cell phone range, captive audience
Would be less expensive
Would worry if miss camp two years in a row would it be feasible to go back
A lot of ways to create a camp in Norwood, use town facilities
No contract yet, still figuring out regulations for Maine, a lot TBD
Don’t have to make decisions right now
Over the summer planning to install lights at the field, may impact ability to use the field over summer for band

Board positions
Patrick – have we decided to move forward with positions
Online ballot – same officers moving forward as this year, other than treasurer bc of administration needed to change accounts so will go through end of year when all officers switch
Generally need student in program to be on board, might consider allowing more participation as in need of volunteers and talent in group

Band update
They are rehearsing in person and via google meet and a hybrid of both. Marching Band is rehearsing in person.

Next meeting will be held Thursday, March 11 at 7 p.m.

Please forward to anyone interested – email to to join the email list.

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