PMA Meeting Minutes – March 11, 2021

Norwood PMA Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2021

7 p.m. via Zoom


Paul Campbell

Sasha Guilaeff

Cathy Umbay

Patrick Marquis

Katie McConoughy

Jennifer Hartnett

Catherine Conner-Moen

Kristen Curran-Faller

Linda Lee

Jeanna Ayoub

Sheri McLeish (notetaker)


1. President update – Paul welcomes everyone

2. Fine Arts update

– band camp – camp will be open, but will it be too limited or will our kids want to go/parents feel comfortable; TBD – A little early to decide

– scholarships – 2021 scholarship form coming out soon, looking to use a digital form that’s been created. To be reviewed and OK’d by Fine Arts Director

Catherine – Talked last time about scholarships – we have softened so many of our standards this year because been outrageously difficult year should also modify/relax our standards

thinking about challenges face with agreed would be appropriate

this year because in a pandemic, relax standards for grade requirements to receive award money, rubrik rigorous on how to awarded, teachers have input

Treasurer update – scholarships being paid out successful completion of first semester of school

NPMA administering for director of fine arts

Website update – Tony and Sheri – working to consolidate to series of links, sticking with WordPress because have another year left on the account, working with Katie on PR and outreach

Discussed standard email address for all to use, able to use google apps to store materials, photos, etc. UPDATE – New email address created – .

PR / outreach update – Katie M and Jeanna – have contact, doing outreach with local newspapers

Merch – Looking to create digital merch store, link to website. Linda and Steve, and Steve A offered to help

School music happenings –

Jen H updates on plans for seniors this year, has been meeting with a group of students to encapsulate senior year, what they want to do, be safe, what they want spring to look like – one thing they really want is their camp shirt and leis the flowers that they give at camp. Really want senior skits

Discussed ideas and how to do a skit, or senior activity night – be outside, bring blankets – maybe by May be able to do more. Really looking for things they have been looking forward to for being seniors.

Cathy – Notes if the state is opening up it would seem we should be able to do something outside. Maybe push later into May and do a sr. picnic type activity, will need to do some planning

Update Norwood 150th – asking for school input, going to be highlighted during Fine Arts Festival 2022

Talked about Friday night prior having an alumni concert – music, drama, dance, anything – people very receptive, website now active

Celtic Strings up and running, Madrigals may be able to sing

Discussed if include kids may have dropped out because covid, not just current – use 2019 list

Patrick update on NPMA officers for 2021

Officers for next year, sent out electronic ballot, pushed slate forward:



Paul Campbell

Vice President

Patrick Marquis


Sheri McLeish


Tracey Jones

Ways & Means and Special Fundraising Committee

Mollie and Tony Caravello, Steve and Linda Lee, Steve Ayoub


Marching Band Classic Coordinators

Mollie Caravello & Marcia Leonard

Database & Publicity

Katie McConnaughy


Tony Caravello

Music Camp Coordinator

Jeanna Ayoub


Performance Coordinator – Instrumental

Paul Campbell and Patrick Marquis

Performance Coordinator – Choral

Jeanna Ayoub

Performance Coordinator – Jazz Groups

Mollie Caravello & Marcia Leonard (Co) & Kathie Umbay (Asst)

Performance Coordinator – Marching Band

Amy Campbell

Color Guard Coordinator

Laura Sullivan

MICCA Classic Coordinator – Choral

Jeanna Ayoub, Eve Madden


Next meeting will be April 15, 2021

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