PMA Meeting Minutes – October 8, 2020

NPMA Oct 8 Meeting

Paul Campbell
Catherine Connor-Moen
Tony C
Katie M
Steve & Linda Lee
Ms. Hartnett
Patrick Marquis
Mike & Karen Guarin
Edward Ferris
Steve Conant
Marcia Leonard
Katherine Umbay
Jeanna & Steve Ayoub

Sheri McLeish (notetaker)

Meeting Opens
Paul: Asks if anything PMA can do this year to assist Fine Arts Dept

C. Moen: curriculum ensembles happening and hoping for some extra curricular but problem guidelines not permitting playing or singing indoors

New state guidelines allows small, distanced performances but nothing on teaching

Teachers doing a great job teaching outside but Oct so not going to last long.

Second week up and running classes, very delayed start so hard to get handle on what will be able to do.

Steve C just had meeting to see if can have a marching band activity. Virtual madrigal banquet discussed, working to reinvent

Southeast District not being held. Auditions for all state to be held but virtual. MICCA cancelled

Lessons taking place but all remote

Shout out to Amy, Larry and Elana – registered elementary night all drive by. Probably how do going forward, used Google forms and had all lined up so just drove through and delivered. Knocked it out of the park. Registrations are way down, combo things bc format, economy. We have a lot of school instruments and won’t turn anyone away

We helped out N. Quincy – Ed assisted to build tympani transport stand, made $260 for PMA


Fundraising Discussion

NPMA annual fundraising generates $15-$20K a year through events and merchandise

Give around $10K in scholarships plus operating expenses

Need about $10,000 to stay abreast for year

  • Support your student, dollar sheets – maybe pictures from lessons kids to pull
  • Pie fundraiser again?
  • Idea for fundraising through caroling or playing music, socially distanced – Madrigals are thinking doing it but way to give back to the community, food insecurity support. Still in the planning phase and dependent on changes in infection rates, etc.
  • Scholarship fundraising – virtual recital? Maybe sponsorable? And could be done completely remote
  • Sponsor student to practice?
  • Create a CD? Because copyright can be a challenge … Talent show? Request student play a song?
  • Pay to be flamingoed / flocked – $25 to put on someone’s lawn and $25 to get them moved to someone else’s lawn
  • Make and sell NPMA masks and 2020 NPMA shirt
  • Pledge-a-thon – duets, ensemble, nice to give kids project to work on
  • Discussed variety of performance, project type ideas, telethon, virtual performance, etc. collaborating with video group, not sure if right fit, might ask for assistance if want to sign on for it

S Conant – planning one piece from each ensemble, each cycle

Set up calendar for planned fundraising – Sheri

  • Promote Amazon – via FB, website
  • Restaurants – Marcia, Sheri, anyone else?
  • Merchandise – masks, shirt 2020 – Marcia, Jen, Sheri

Plan for spring event / activity – Goal to showcase students to recognize the work they have done in the spring – Group – parent lead?

Update website for merch – Sheri, Tony, Ed

Next month’s meeting – Thursday, Nov. 5 at 7 p.m.

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