PMA Meeting Minutes – Sept. 15, 2021

Norwood PMA Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2021

7 p.m. at the NHS Library



Paul Campbell

Patrick Marquis

Sheri McLeish (notetaker)

Mollie Caravello

Marcia Leonard

Steven Lee

Karen Guarin

Steve Ayoub

Jeanna Ayoub

Catherine Connor-Moen

Steve Conant


  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. President’s update
    1. Need to drive membership – looking for ways to get new members, plan outreach at home show, elementary instrument signups and other events
    2. Will need signups for upcoming events and volunteers – Sheri to create signups
  3. Fine Arts update
    1. Working on the calendar, looking at only high school for December concert and in Jan middle school. Not finalized but no plans for a big concert as in the past as a continuing covid precaution. Madrigal banquet OK, Pops Night TBD but not elementary through high school, maybe just high school
    2. Marching band
      1. MICCA and NESBA new policy if bad weather and cancel any funds collected will be returned to the bands. Need to share covid expenses for all venues. Working to finalize events, pulled from Melrose NESBA. May go to Auburn MICCA
      2. In need of a golf cart battery – cost about $800-$1,000; motion to approve, and seconded – approve cost of battery
      3. Home show – so far 7 or 8 bands, NESBA only 20 for finals, all district shows down in numbers, may get more
  4. Treasurer’s report
    1. NA
  5. Committee reports
    1. Marcia notes still have money for country club reservation for jazz this year
    2. Music camp update – Jeanna – everyone had fund, did what needed to do
  6. Old business
    1. Closet cleaning – may be able to get support from facilities once uniforms out will clean up, remove clock tower, old paint, etc. Storage needs help organizing music, drama stuff
    2. Norwood Day – volunteers needed, will send signup 


Next meeting Oct 13, 2021

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