PMA Meeting Minutes 01/02/2024

Norwood PMA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Norwood High School Library (moved from Prescott Elementary Library)

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm with a quorum present.


Wendy Keats and Eneida Shkurti (Co-Presidents), Gigi Michalec (Vice President), Dany Abdallah (Treasurer), Sherri Munro (Secretary), Jeff Kerr (Director of Fine Arts), Steven Lee, Katie Neal-Rizzo

Welcome & Introductions of new joiners

  • Welcome by Eneida Shkurti, PMA President
  • Introductions including Katie who is joining tonight

Director of Fine Arts update

  • Discuss whether we should have all meeting in one location vs moving each month 
  • A week worth of elementary concerts, should be on online to watch on CMN
    • celtic strings and madrigal tours hit all the schools including the Willett
    • high school music on Friday before break – previously all school assembly but a challenge
      • 30 minutes tunes throughout halls 
  • 6th grade concert on the 9th band, chorus, honors chorus and jazz band
    • working on how to better coordinate event
    • consider broadcast concert
  • A lot coming up
    • Norwood Jazz classic middle of Thursday February 15th (14th dress rehearsal)
    • Coordinating PMA role – parent in charge with helping
      • also MICCA and MAJE
      • PMA does not have a dedicated Jazz coordinator
      • Need to ensure identified resources and responsibilities for future years (folder for each Marching, Jazz, etc.)
        • Eneida to review Kim’s notes and share
    • FIne Arts Semi-formal
      • Letter pending to be passed out to teachers to pass to students with save the dates – goal to go out this Thursday ¼
      • At the Four Points in the Zachariah room this year – smaller than last year – max 124 people
      • Need to confirm price from last year
      • Final count the 19th of January
      • Invite fine arts teachers – drama, art, music
      • Need PMA members (PMA sponsored event) – will provide some staff members – last year Karen and Kim, but could use more
      • Do we prepare for guests outside of Fine Arts students? No due to smaller size of venue
      • Consider having police detail in place – have not incurred cost before – Jeff will evaluate and see if Fine Arts can contribute
      • Do we extend beyond high school students? We have not in the past.  We will continue high school students only again this year. 
      • Money for treasurer
        • Celtic strings sweatshirt money
        • Madrigal fundraising
      • Discussion with Steve C and Siuyen re: new uniforms – Steve C to evaluate (current uniforms 22 years old)
        • Less expensive fabric now
        • Ballparking ~$350/kid 
        • Estimate 75 uniforms
        • Jeff to work on funding
        • Can also evaluate overcoats as part of outfit
      • Need to evaluate ways to retain 8th to 9th grade students
        • Consider travel options similar to Latin
        • Graduating 11 seniors this year
        • Suggestion for music exchange program
        • Chorus is going to travel to Boston to do a workshop at Berkley
        • Consider experiences for Marching Band to participate with college marching band
      • Should we revisit hosting events?
      • Feedback – junior year schedules sometimes don’t allow for band and education
        • Jeff meeting with guidance and discussing scheduling

PMA Secretary

  • Motion to approve minutes from December 2023 PMA meeting
    • seconded and approved


  • Financial Report – Overview/Key points
    • Reviewed statement for Dec 5th to Jan 2nd
    • Question came up about spending some of the PMA funds
      • need to discuss what we the PMA should support considering non-profit status
      • some is used for end of year scholarships
    • Poinsettias didn’t sell well this year
      • loss every year
      • consider selling in advance 
  • Tax filing submitted in December – status on acceptance/next step
  • Official change of address received  from Post Office

Ways & Means

  • Humble Pie Christmas fundraiser completed December 18th
  • Next fundraiser – Chipotle in February 28, 2024
  • Considering car wash in May
    • need to pick Saturday date – consider the 11th
  • Do we want to move forward with mattress sale
    • requires more coordination
    • consider defer to summer
  • Additional options:
    • Hometown Arcade (in Winsmith Mall):
      • $600 for Thursday night – whole town arcade – ticked covers pizza and as many games as you want – 50/50 split with PMA or you can have a party to sell tickets to 
      • could be an end of year as a recruiting option
    • Consider TopGolf (Canton)
      • Steve L. to evaluate options

Co-Presidents/Board members: 

  • Fine arts Semi Friday January 26th
  • Upcoming shows (see schedule)
  • MB Uniform and winter/rain coat discussion (see Fine Arts Director notes)
  • MB Show shirts/hoodies – order placed
    • Wendy to provide updates

Other Business

  • None

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 8;58 p.m.

Next meeting 

  • February 6th at the OLDHAM

Minutes compiled by Sherri Munro, Recording Secretary

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