PMA Meeting Minutes 02/06/2024

Norwood PMA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Norwood High School Library 

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm with a quorum present.


Wendy Keats (remotely) and Eneida Shkurti (Co-Presidents), Gigi Michalec (Vice President), Dany Abdallah (Treasurer), Sherri Munro (Secretary), Jeff Kerr (Director of Fine Arts), Steve Conant, Steven Lee (Ways & Means and Special Fundraising Committee),  Linda Lee (Ways & Means and Special Fundraising Committee),  Siuyen Matthews, Kelly Farewell, Bebhinn O’Connell, Lexa Sullivan, Kieu Wong 

Welcome & Introductions of new joiners

  • Welcome by Eneida Shkurti, PMA President
  • Introductions including Lexa Sullivan and Kieu Wong who joined tonight

Director of Fine Arts update

  • PMA Scholarships (based on last year’s agenda)
    • Jeff to evaluate before providing more information
    • forms go out and send back to Jeff
    • Jeff to present recommendations
    • PMA vote to support
  • PMA Funds:
    • Check from Quincy for home show to treasurer
    • Keychain funds from Jen Hartnet
    • Cash and checks for Fine Arts semi formal
    • Bill for Norwood detail – Jeff will cover through his office
  • Appreciation for PMA assistance with Fine Arts semi formal
  • Also thank you to those who volunteered for the Saturday event Honors auditions
    • The day went very well
    • There were over 250 auditions which is near double from last year
  • A lot going on the next couple of month
    • Jeff to provide performance only calendar to share
    • Still working on a couple of dates in May
    • 6-8 spring concerts not yet on calendar
    • A rehearsal calendar will be created separately as well
  • MICCA preview concerts – March 19th for band/orchestra, March 20th for chorale
    • Request for assistance with ticket and stage help (no concessions)
    • Jeff will outline PMA asks – bring in clinicians to get prepped and ready
    • Steve evaluating having clinic on stage
    • Chorale – 3 groups, may consider same format
  • MAJE state finals March 16th at two locations
  • Chorale MICCA on April 5th/6th
    • Unsure if we are able to support 3 days, therefore plan to keep the event to 2 days
    • 3:40 p.m. start time – evaluating if we can add another school for 3:20 p.m.
    • Request for PMA assistance as teachers have groups performing
    • School ends 2:50 p.m. at high school
    • It will be approximately ~20 people
    • Assessment – If it is a small group, a parent can accommodate if there is space. Previously groups used high school cafeteria, but first group to arrive can go to Ms. Hartnett’s room
    • PMA agrees to assist –  concessions may not be available  

Steve Conant update:

  • Norwood Jazz classic on Thursday 2/15 is in good shape
    • One band from each school
    • A total of 10 bands
    • All bands are scheduled – first band at 4 p.m., then every 30 minutes
    • Ipswich and King Phillip live band will not perform
    • Norwood performing last
    • Awards will be after 9 p.m.
    • There will be 4 judges – all judges going to clinic
    • There will not be a chief judge this year
    • Purchase orders have been provided to treasurer
    • looking to use MAJE recorders
      • plan for 2 recorders to make easier – Steve L. will help
      • Google drive to save files
        • Steve to create folders for bands
        • change to 720p audio files
        • better to share on Google Drive 
    • Art room as judges tally room
    • Judges will eat in Auditorium and judges room
      • boxed sandwiches last year and snacks in the room
    • Judges arrive at 3:10 p.m.
    • Steve C. will handle Stoughton at 4 p.m.
    • General flow the same except first band in band room
      • bands 2-10 chorus room → stage → band room for clinic
    • Most groups staying watch and eat but may not stay for awards
    • 15 – 20 students per band with 10 band 
    • Fees:
      • We charged $8 admission last year suggest move to $10
      • Continue $5 students/seniors 
      • We have Venmo/Paypal as payment options
    • There will not be programs but instead a document with the list of bands and judges
    • Steve C. to create a sign-up sheet for student volunteers
  • MAJE – first show Thursday 2/29 after vacation
  • MAJE State Finals
    • Saturday March 16th (17th for snow day)
    • Division 1 will be at the high school and division 2 will be at the middle school
      • There will be food at the high school and snacks only at the middle school
      • Everyone will be at the high school for awards
    • 2 working stages and 2 working PAs
      • there will be ~20 bands
      • most bands generally stick around 
    • Total number is dependent on number of bands that qualify

PMA Secretary

  • Motion to approve minutes from January 2024 PMA meeting
    • Seconded and approved


  • Financial Report – Overview/Key points – reviewed
    • PMA purchased Celtic strings sweatshirts – Ms Bedard has them and when sold will provide the money to PMA
    • Consider providing more small sizes at elementary and middle school events
  • Upcoming ‘planned’ expenses (if any)
    • Food and concessions for Jazz – no amount yet but need approval to cover
    • Seconded and approved
  • Tax filing submitted in December – status on acceptance/next step if any (carry over from Jan meeting)
    • Submitted and received approval

Co-Presidents/Board members: 

  • Notes from Fine Arts semi formal
    • The event went well 
    • The room was nice and a good size
    • A lot of the students didn’t know that there was ice cream available
    • Wendy sent a thank you to the Four Points staff
  • Continued discussion on Marching Band uniform and winter/rain coats
    • Per Jeff, this has been submitted to the budget committee

Ways & Means

  • Chipotle fundraising event on February 28th
    • Plan to post  on Facebook and NPS Tuesday flyers 
  • Plan for a Car Wash on May 11th
  • Will start planning Chateau night fundraiser in April 
  • Suggestions for alternate options – Jersey Mike’s, Bertucci’s, Jake N Joe’s
  • Pasta fundraiser – should we do it again?
    • Feedback was that it seemed expensive
  • Update on other proposals (Hometown Arcade, TopGolf)
    • TopGolf requires organized group $10 per with a minimum of 40 people
      • usually 2 hours 
      • could purchase food or leave to individual
      • could we still do raffle and prizes
      • extend to students and parents
      • suggestion to consider ½ day 
      • they have heaters at TopGolf, but may choose to have in better weather
      • consider put something out to test interest
      • waiting to get more information to decide 
  • Consider paint night for fundraising – ship materials to paint at home or location with virtual guidance – could consider partnering with FOVA (Friends of Visual Arts)
  • Question on how we can find our niche thing
  • Merchandise
    • We should evaluate the ability to place orders online
    • Day Street Sports had something similar which they do for all sports 
    • Will talk to Straight Stitch as well

Other Business

  • Outreach efforts to increase Marching Band participation
    • Steve C. is going to the middle school band regularly
    • Jeff K. and Jennifer H. are going down to the middle school as well
    • Students are going down as student ambassadors
    • Working with guidance to ensure opportunity
  • Ways to increase parent participation in PMA meetings/search for next board members
    • Should we consider having meetings earlier
    • Consider providing/supporting virtual option for next year
    • Will plan on keeping meetings at NHS moving forward
    • Feedback on flyers – “Where families make music together”
      • suggestion to consider new slogan or add description of PMA purpose on flyers
      • We should always include a link to the PMA website and Facebook page on all flyers
    • In general, we need to re-evaluate marketing
      • Signs at all the events 
      • Parent meetings at the beginning of the season 
      • Ask for teacher assistance to start communication at elementary/middle school – pass out flyers or include in monthly newsletter 
      • Mimic PTO sign up sheets for volunteer opportunities for PMA flyer
      • Promo video – how do we push it out?  Could we play at each show?

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Next meeting 

  • Tuesday, March 5th – 7 p.m. at the Norwood High School Library

Minutes compiled by Sherri Munro, Recording Secretary

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