PMA Meeting Minutes 10/03/2023

Norwood PMA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday 10/03/2023

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Location: NHS Library

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm with a quorum present.


Wendy Keats and Eneida Shkurti (Co-Presidents), Gigi Michalec (Vice President), Dany Abdallah (Treasurer), Sherri Munro (Secretary), Jeff Kerr (Director of Fine Arts),  Dan Caparrotta, Siuyien Matthews, Steve Conant

Welcome and Introductions

Welcome by Eneida Shkurti, PMA President

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve 9/12/2023 PMA Meeting Minutes – second and approved.

Fine Arts Department:

  • Year is off to a good start
  • Figuring out needs of teachers
  • More students taking instruments – uptick in need for financial assistance for instruments
  • More viola players – on order
  • New 3rd grade violin students 230 students across elementary schools
  • Trying to assist with new faculty software Sight Reading Factory – program to increase ability to read music
  • Ensembles going well – everything started at high school
    • Jazz at high school and middle school
    • After school and extracurricular started and running
  • Evaluation of CORI status for PMA members – updated list created for PMA
    • Need update every 3 years
    • Fill out form and bring to Fine Arts office – bring copy of license to Jeff Kerr to make copy 
    • Will add instructions to PMA website
  • Want to update website to provide pictures and videos to bring parents there
    • Following up on policy for picture/video sharing – to reach out to Teresa Stewart to verify policy
    • Opt out in ASPEN – Jeff to evaluate list and cross reference ensembles and understand differences between school and PMA
    • Recommendation to err on the side of posting pictures only and not posting videos.

Board Members:

Co-Presidents/Board Members

    • Brainstorm ways to increase participation:
      • Consider offering some incentives. 
      • Need to add additional details for pit crew – break out times for volunteering responsibilities.
      • Offer shadowing opportunities.
      • Wendy to post on Facebook..
  • Fundraising:
    • Mattress Sale
      • Set up in gym on Saturday – kids go out and invite people to come to the sale
      • School drives the traffic and company sets up and runs sales
      • Last one $1842
      • Call out to the rep to find out details and plan for spring
    • Humble Pie (new) – board agrees to start
      • Linda sent an email – pending response and approval based on update
      • Eneida to follow up with Linda
  • ePromo account – transfer contact info from Karen G. in Ways & Means binder – revisit with Linda to see if she has more information and table until the next meeting.
  • Planning for Home Show on 10/22 – ongoing work/updates
    • We have had 2 scheduled meetings as well as many informal emails, texts, and other communications.
    • SignUp Genius has been set up.
    • Next formal meeting on 10/17 (early release).
    • Question/request to Steve (Electrician support; school custodian support)
    • Gigi is waiting to hear back about the hot dog roller.
    • Town Hall Health and Safety has questions – Eneida following up.
    • Approved for $50 from Costco – need to add to brochure as supporting vendor.
    • Eneida to send a list of needed equipment to Jeff.
    • Wendy to follow-up with Steve about contacting Paul Campbell regarding electrical for show.
  • Revisions to PMA website – suggestions for easy navigation of current content.
    • Tiles a bit large – Dan to try adding more tiles to the row.
    • Mobile view is set. 
    • May need to evaluate themes.
  • NHS Madrigal Banquet at Knights of Columbus – Hall Reserved
    • Pending board review for approval – expect to hear in next weeks and will receive a contract.
  • We created a new inventory and sales tracking spreadsheet; we will need to maintain it continuously.
    • Open for feedback for use.
    • Move to PMA Google Drive
      • Who needs access – board members
      • Need to discuss further 
      • Consider online sales
  • Google Drive set up/access to upload/share photos and other documents
    • Pending future discussion.

Steve Conant

  • Update – MICCA up to 13 bands, picked up Wakefield and Shepard Hill (division 1- less than 30) and UMass Lowell will be there.
  • When over 12 bands will owe MICCA more to pay judges – Steve to check the contract.
  • Plan to adjust gate times to reduce sound of equipment movement.
  • Request for payment for order of shoes $37.95 – 11 pairs shipping $35 – question about billing to kids or to have PMA cover:
    • Motion for PMA to cover $451.71- second and approved
    • Treasurer made payment.
  • Printing pending.
  • MICCA schedule on MICCA website @


  • Financial report reviewed and accepted.
    • Completed use of GoDaddy
    • Switch to Ionos web hosting. 
  • Music Band Statement
    • Honorariums paid – Jeff working on moving over to dept for directors.
  • Confirmed that we are a 501(c)(3) Organization.
  • U-Haul Corporate Account:
    • Created corporate account – debited from account during the year.
  • Jeff:
    • 3 checks to submit for MICCA registration fees- East Bridgewater HS, David Prouty HS, North Attleboro HS – Jeff to follow up on invoices from Steve.
    • Also from Roche Bros – $75 gift card.

Other Business

  • Discuss investing in Marching Band
    • Kids need overcoats/ warm jackets (light fleece jacket, snuggie hoodie, etc.)
      • Raincoats in bad repair 
      • Need to set up schedule for replacing equipment
      • Suggest moving fast on something
      • Can we get named overcoats or hoodies?  
      • It is too late in season to order equipment, therefore will discuss future plans for next year
    • Consider upgrade truck for easy and timely loading/unloading
      • UHaul doesn’t have a liftgate 
      • Those that have liftgate don’t have a location in Norwood
      • Liftgate has a higher cost 
      • Option for RV and rent truck/trailer to pull and brand
    • Norwood Music hoodie/jacket, windbreaker or hat for Pit Crew
      • Will defer for discuss later
    • End of season marching band – penciled in for the Lutheran Church (Amanda Warner)

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 8:41 pm.

Next meeting 

Tuesday November 7th, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm in the Coakley Middle School library

Minutes compiled by Sherri Munro, Recording Secretary

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