PMA Meeting Minutes – Feb 9, 2022

Norwood PMA Meeting Minutes

Feb 9, 2022

7 p.m. High School Library



Paul Campbell

Patrick Marquis

Kyle Leonard

Steve Lee

Sheri McLeish (notetaker)

Marcia Leonard

Cathy Connor-Moen

Steve & Jeanna Ayoub

Steve Conant



  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Fine Arts Department update:  Cathy shared news that she is retiring at the end of this year and the opportunity for a new person to come in. Some discussion and appreciation for her work and leadership through the years. No further details about transition available. 
  3. President’s update: Paul updated the group on efforts to get a list of parents from the music staff to see who might be interested in helping. As the board turnover new members are urgently needed to take on board roles to ensure continuity and meet obligations of the bylaws. In light of no imminent volunteers, at the March meeting a financial advisor will be attending the meeting to discuss how to put the PMA’s funds into a trust to ensure scholarships will continue to be made in the future in the event no one steps up. The members in attendance discussed efforts to reach out to parents to become involved so that the organization can continue to support the music program and its students through key volunteer roles that enable the participation of students in many activities such as the bands and madrigals and other performances. Open roles for 2022-23 – President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Need new board roles to be filled along with other areas such as fundraising, event coordinators and membership. Will look to recruit at the Fine Arts Festival and other opportunities where parents are attending. Anyone interested in volunteering for a role, please email
  4. Upcoming events:
    1. Jazz Classic: Discussed logistics for the jazz classic to be held next week at the high school. Schools may leave after performance.
    2. MAJE – March 26
    3. MICCA – April 1,2
    4. Jazz Night – Blue Hill Country Club – April 14
    5. Semi-formal (maybe) – April 18 TBD
    6. Pop’s Night – Friday, May 13 high school performances only


The next meeting will be April 13

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