PMA Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2022

Norwood PMA Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2022

7 p.m. at the NHS Library



Paul Campbell

Karen Guarin

Ed Ferris

Tracey Jones

Cathy Moen

Anne O’Donnell

Mollie Caravello

Marica Leonard

Sheri McLeish (notetaker)


  1. Fine Arts update – Cathy thanks the PMA for a great semi-formal event and provided updates on MICCA preview and Fine Arts Festival scheduled for April 30. Scholarship applications are due May 4 – students may apply online. Music camp is still TBD. Senior Night is Thursday, June 2 and will look to have ice cream around 5:30/6.
  2. Treasurer’s report – Jazz Night had 84 paid guests and collected $1,540
  3. Committee reports – NA
  4. Old business
    1. Bylaws – Members reviewed and discussed revisions to the PMA’s bylaws, which had not been updated since 2012. Changes suggested and approved included revising the board roles to allow for a paid professional to serve as the treasurer. The changes were approved unanimously. The bylaws are posted on the PMA website: 
    2. Annual Meeting May 13 – A slate of candidates to serve on the PMA board was put forward and unanimously approved, as required by the bylaws to be done one month prior to the annual meeting in May. The candidates will be formally voted into their offices on May 13, at the annual meeting and also Pop’s Night.

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