PMA Meeting Minutes – February 12, 2020

Norwood High School, Library

Call to Order:            7:05 PM

Welcome by Paul Campbell, President

Attendance: Paul Campbell, Tracey Jones, Patrick Marquis, Ed Ferris, Amy Doherty Nee, Marcia Leonard, Kristen Serratore, Janice Hall, Becca Jackson, Kathie Umbay, Sasha Guliaeff, Jeanna Ayoub, Steve Ayoub, Patty Souza, Cathy Connor-Moen, Mollie Caravello

  1. Approval of Last Month’s Meeting Minutes: Paul Campbell

Motion made and seconded to approve the meeting minutes of January 2020:  

Motion approved.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Tracey Jones
  • Good news February $6,372 from town for reimbursement for coach and truck for music camp for 2019. Still some outstanding reimbursements.
  • Did not get anything for Norwood Day yet.

Motion made and seconded to approve the treasurer’s report of January 2020:

Motion approved.

  1. Vice President: Patrick Marquis
  • Successful Fine Arts “Snowball” dance on Friday.
  • Handed out board member officer ballots; we need most positions filled
  1. Ways & Means: Janice, Kristen, & Marcia
  • Upcoming car wash dates: May 23 & June 20
  • POPs night is last night of merch sales
  1. Jazz Night & jazz update: Becca
  • Jazz Classic – tomorrow (2/13/20)
  • Need volunteers for MAJE, 3/21 at Coakley and HS
  • Will make sure kids are not unruly and leaving when they are done with their volunteer time
  • Jazz night: Wednesday, April 15th – Steve Conant has confirmed date
  • At Blue Hills Country Club, Canton
  • Increase ticket price to $20 (was $15) includes food (hot and cold apps; cookies)
  • Last year 153 attendees – goal is 200 people to make a profit.
  1. Fine Arts Update: Cathy Moen
  • Band camp for 2020: August 16-22
  • Gave Tracey money for the following:
    • Snowball
    • Amy Bedard collected money for Celtic strings shirts
    • Payment for jazz classic bands
  • Great East is due
  • Judges for jazz classic still to be paid
  • All states, MAJE, MICCA in April, and other evaluations coming up
  • March 17 MICCA instrumental; March 18 MICCA choral
  1. Quorum: 2019/2020 PMA Board, there are eleven (11) voting Board Members. In order to have a quorum, six (6) Board Members must be present.
  2. NEXT PMA meeting will be March 11, 2020 at 7PM at NHS Library

Adjourned at 7:45 PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Amy Doherty Nee

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