PMA Meeting Minutes 06/18/2024

Norwood PMA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Norwood High School Drama Room

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:14 pm with a quorum present.


Wendy Keats (Co-President), Gigi Michalec (Vice President), Dany Abdallah (Treasurer), Sherri Munro (Secretary), Siuyen Matthews, Bill Maguire, Steve Conant


  • Welcome by Gigi 
  • CONGRATULATIONS to the new 2024-2025 PMA Board!
    • President – Gigi Michalec
    • Vice President – Siuyen Matthews
    • Secretary – Kelly Farewell
    • Treasurer – Dany Abdallah
    • Ways & Means – OPEN

Director of Fine Arts update

  • Jeff Kerr not present
  • Steve Conant provided update:
    • Thank you to PMA for support throughout the year.
    • Marching Band:
      • 32-33 students here, interest by a few more (most came back)
      • This year 6th graders becoming 7th graders next year have been invited to join
      • Recruitment efforts continue 
      • Next rehearsal is July 9th 
      • Pending announcement for show this next year
      • Camp paperwork and notices including PMA payment options were delivered tonight 
      • Wendy will also  post on Facebook with instructions to email Mr. Conant
      • Plans to include information in the town local papers 
      • Discussion about alternative to Six Flags:
        • Urban Air Adventure Park in Bellingham 
        • Hometown Arcade in Norwood (maybe for an evening event – social eve during  band camp week)
        • Breezy Picnic Grounds & Waterslides in Douglas
        • Water Wizz in East Wareham – of note, will not be able to get coach bus with wet clothes
        • Need to get feedback from Ms. Hartnet for chorale students
        • Gigi will email Mr. Conant the list options and costs for further review and agreement by Ms. Hartnet and Mr. Kerr
  • Upcoming event of note: Kyle Leonard put together a tribute to Paul Alberta for the Norwood Concerts On The Common Sunday, July 7, 2024 6:30-8:30pm.  First day of band camp performance ends at 5pm.  Encourage all to attend. 

PMA Secretary

  • Motion to approve minutes from April 2024 PMA meeting
    • Seconded and approved


  • Financial Report – brief overview 
  • Mr. Conant is following up on outstanding payments for MICCA band/jazz events
  • Motion to approve financial report
    • Seconded and approved

Co-Presidents/Board members: 

  • PMA funding and financing music events
    • started to create spreadsheet with all events with PMA vs Town financing
  • Increase participation/volunteering; ways to reach elementary and CMS parents
    • Jeff planning on creating videos to advertise what PMA does
    • Will have 6th graders next year so more parents might become engaged
    • Need teachers to involve PMA more with parents
    • Call mandatory marching band parent meeting with refreshments – stay after drop student off (Paul Campbell used to do that) – Mr Conant can send invite
      • Prepare list of volunteer opportunities and ask parents to sign up for one opening
      • Get emails and phone numbers
      • Who comes to camp, have their information for mailing list
      • First message sent to parents, give consent to provide email address to PMA
      • Open house night might be another opportunity
  • Band Uniforms:
    • We don’t have many smaller uniforms for new 6th/7th grade students, so will need to do some adjustments
    • Request to order nicer rain jackets for next year
      •  Siuyen will look into pricing 
  • Hand off/transition to new PMA board
    • Will schedule another meeting for formal hand off toward the end of the summer
    • Dany needs to prepare documents for transition to new board effective Sept 1st
      • In August send document for state and go to bank to transition president to sign checks 
    • SignUp Genius’ from past year under PMASecretary email for transition and reuse
    • Need to recruit  for Ways and Means

Ways & Means

  • Linda Lee not present but communicated that she will review and prepare fundraising information to hand off to new committee member

Other Business

  • Norwood Day
    • Siuyen will complete and submit application 
  • Planning for band camp
    • Wendy share more detailed notes from last year
    • Gary from Straight Stitch for T shirts
    • Every other day event worked well 
    • Plan meeting for July 9th 

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

Next meeting 

  • Pending schedule for 2024-2025 school year

Minutes compiled by Sherri Munro, Recording Secretary

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