PMA Meeting Minutes 04/02/2024

Norwood PMA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, March 02, 2024

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Norwood High School Library

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:07pm with a quorum present.


Wendy Keats and Eneida Shkurti (Co-Presidents), Gigi Michalec (Vice President), Dany Abdallah (Treasurer), Sherri Munro (Secretary), Jeff Kerr (Director of Fine Arts) on phone, Steven Lee, Linda Lee, Siuyen Matthews

Welcome & Introductions of new joiners

  • Welcome by Gigi Michalec, Vice President
    • NHS Jazz Band for winning a Silver Medal at MAJE
    • NHS Chorus students represented Norwood at ACDA East Conference
    • NHS Chorus students performed with Mass. Music Educators Assoc. at Symphony Hall
    • CMS and NHS MICCA Choral Preview
    • NHS Band and Orchestra MICCA preview

Director of Fine Arts update

  • Paul Alberta passing – moment of silence
    • Services on Friday – information going out – Norwood Record and Patch
    • Wake Thurs Walpole 4-7p
    • Renaming of Norwood Jazz festival last year to honor Paul Alberta
    • Dany sent email to correct address  – in lieu of flowers – donation to PMA or MICCA
    • PMA will send flowers
      • seconded – approved
  • Jeff applied for and received an award from the NAMM Foundation for Best Communities for Music Education (BCME). This is the second year in a row to receive the recognition.
  • MICCA choral at high school this weekend Fri/Sat
  • Instrumental ensemble in Bellingham
  • Final stages of honors ensemble
    • 6:30 Wed night concert
    • Will receive feedback
    • Field trip to Roller Kingdom
  • Fine Arts festival Friday 4/26 4-8pm – working on final times
  • Jeff has a couple pieces of mail for PMA to deliver 
  • Pop concert on Friday May 10th 7-10p
  • Jeff working on scholarship process – applications going out
    • hope to have information back soon
  • Jennifer H working on induction ceremony for Fine Arts Festival – including those who are close for honor society
  • Ms Loranz looking for help at concert for 6:30 – end
    • stage help and supervision
    • looking for volunteers
    • $5 suggested donation entrance fee

PMA Secretary

Motion to approve minutes from March 2024 PMA meeting

  • seconded – approved


  • Financial Report – Brief overview
  • Still have bands that haven’t paid for MICCA Home Show and Jazz
  • Next month need to approve spending for insurance policy
    • $720 annual premium for one policy
    • seconded  – approved

Co-Presidents/Board members: 

  • Prospective PMA Board
    • No PMA meeting in May – occurs at Pops
    • Need to assess day of week that works best for new members
      • Proposals:
        • President – Gigi
        • Vice President – Siuyen
        • Secretary – Kelly
        • Treasurer – Dany
      • consider Monday
      • Tuesdays work for Jeff currently
      • photo and video dump into shared drive
        • members share for Jeff to create a marketing campaign
        • Facebook has some pictures and video
        • Wendy took pictures of all volunteers at MB home show
  • Comments/takeaways from events in March
    • Went well
    • MAJ – fabulous
      • less bands at Coakely made a difference
      • smaller bands
      • concessions down stairs – didn’t need as much as provided
      • on time all day
      • make sure announcers are fed
      • needed volunteers earlier to help set up for the high school
      • helpful to have someone at door to stage – have student host bring students in when given indication from stage person
      • meeting with judges – included announcers and communicate time in notes (usually 45 minutes before first band at high school)
      • bite size food better for judges
      • give announcer information re: concessions etc. 
  • Next event – Choral MICCA April 5th and 6th 
    • first performance kicks of at 3:20p on Friday  – warmup at 3p Sharon
      • heading straight to Ms. Harnett’s room
      • Belmont next – will go to cafeteria
      • Then CMS honor choir
      • Have some help at 2p – Siuyien will start setting up
        • Jeff to follow up with custodians about setting up earlier
      • Need some help with setting up concessions – Wendy
      • Need to get music from judges
      • Runners get kids off bus and stamp hands – straight to cafeteria
      • Lots of student sign ups
      • Have a couple of stage assistants -man doors and help with any equipment
      • Ms Harnet to send out reminder to all choral parents
      • Opening for clinic room part of schedule
      • Enough of a skeleton crew for now
      • Need to finalize meal plan
        • Fuego dinner for 15 people – chicken tray
        • supplement with water and soda from concessions
        • BJs catering
          • cookie/brownie platter
          • breakfast platter
        • coffee
        • donuts in am
        • pizza
          • Friday 10/5 at 4:30p
          • Saturday – starts at 11:30am – 10/10/10
        • LunchBox for judges – 4 judges and MICCA rep
          • order 8 sandwiches
  • Saturday set up around 8-8:30am
  • Have not received the book yet
  • Jennifer Hartnet is the site host

Ways & Means

  • Next Fundraiser – Jake’n Joes, April 25th  dinner  yet – 20% – waiting for flyer
  • car wash Saturday May 11th from 8:30a-1p
  • thinking of what more we can sell
    • give Tshirts to volunteers
    • more youth for elementary and middle  students
    • look for choral design for buttons

Other Business

  • None

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40p

Next meeting 


Minutes compiled by Sherri Munro, Recording Secretary

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