PMA Meeting Minutes 03/05/2024

Norwood PMA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Norwood High School Library 

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm with a quorum present.


Wendy Keats and Eneida Shkurti (Co-Presidents), Gigi Michalec (Vice President), Dany Abdallah (Treasurer), Sherri Munro (Secretary), Jeff Kerr (Director of Fine Arts), Steven Lee (Ways & Means and Special Fundraising Committee), Siuyen Matthews, Bebhinn O’Connell, Bill Maguire, Dan Caparrotta


  • Welcome by Eneida Shkurti, PMA President
  • CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Conant for receiving the 2024 Paul Smith Hall of Fame Conductor of the Year Award!!

Director of Fine Arts update

  • MICCA to present award at all state
  • Marshfield tonight and silver at SE therefore able to participate 
  • Division II at HS and Division I at CMS
  • 2 students at ACDA this weekend in providence 
  • Junior district festival this weekend 
  • First rehearsal of honors ensemble last weekend 
  • March 16th MAJE at NHS/CMS
  • Week of March 18th MICCA dress rehearsal
    • Tues band 
    • Wed choral 
    • Hope to bring in mock clinicians to work with band students
      • looking to do same for choral next year
  • March 22-23 All State
  • Honors ensemble concert April 10th
  • Jeff worked with GoFan re: online ticketing – still building out auditorium seating chart but hoping to use this spring – tap & go general admission tickets
  • Working on better messaging around department expectations for PMA support
  • Choral MICCA – still waiting to hear back on what they are providing and looking at costs and reimbursement as host site
    • hosting 2 days 
    • questions as to how we are being reimbursed 
    • Jeff sent email to clarify reimbursement
    • submit judges food receipts to Fine Arts dept – MICCA choral – question about reimbursement by MICCA

PMA Secretary

  • Motion to approve minutes from February 2024 PMA meeting
    • Seconded and approved


  • Financial Report – brief overview
  • Jazz classic
    • Still 5 band who haven’t paid
  • Review of payments last year for the month of March
  • Need to approve spending for MAJE
  • Wendy and Siuyien completed inventory of closet
    • Need mainly soda and water and small amount of candy – est $300-400
    • Ask Steve C. to message Jazz parents for donations of water/soda
  • Jeff submitted invoices for Jazz band – each (Jazz clinicians over February break) – 5 clinicians
    • Motion for payment made, seconded and approved

Co-Presidents/Board members: 

  • Norwood Jazz Classic, February 15th (comments/takeaways)
    • Went well
    • Good feedback from other schools
  • Next event – MAJE March 16th
    • PMA board/organizers need the partnership/help for matters related to bands/directors/judges
    • Coakley – proposal to sell pizza – do we need approval from the principal?
      • Looking for different place to keep food away from gear in front entrance
      • Table or 2 down stairs near library
      • Jeff to ask
      • Communication to traffic to schools – practice, perform & leave vs stay and watch
      • Do not arrive too early as storing gear is difficult
      • Parking may be an issue with construction – need to message where to park
      • Who communicates with MAJE?  Should be a site manager for every event – assuming it is Steve but will confirm
    • Will be sending out SignUp Genius for volunteers at both locations
      • Need to push more, particularly to have extra audio – recruit student runners like last year – Steve to create volunteer sign up and assign 
    • Should have a couple of board members attend the morning meeting
      • Whoever is bringing breakfast food
        • Wendy to attend 
        • Sound people for CMS and NHS should be there early
      • Will do sandwich platter to allow variety – judges have 30 minute break 
      • Consider borrowed printer in judges room for certificates
      • Try salads no burgers
      • Will sell donuts at concessions
      • Per Steve:
        • at least 2 sound engineers at each site
        • there should be a program from MAJE
      • Jeff to verify liaison to follow up on programs
  • Choral MICCA – expected expenses
    • Motion to approve spending,  seconded and approved

Ways & Means

  • Chipotle fundraiser, Feb. 28th:  $158.10 profit
  • April Fundraiser – Jake’n Joes – Thursday April 25th
  • Still working on details for Top Golf options – looking at May

Other Business

  • Any news about camp this year?
    • Move going forward keeping it in Norwood
    • How can we create similar experiences locally?
    • Add more fun after day of work
    • Can we ask graduated seniors to be mentors?
    • Norwood Arcade is an option to block off for group
    • Deliver fun to field, such as water slide
    • Will talk it over with Steve to brainstorm how to make it more fun
    • Suggestion made for younger kids – roller skating/laser tag, Launch
    • Consider every other day fun
    • Or find something musically valuable – one afternoon bring in group to watch 
    • Right now August 11-16th after DCI
    • Need to communicate breakdown of costs for camps 
    • Working to build instructor fees into stipend

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 8:29 p.m.

Next meeting 

  • Tuesday, April 2nd at 7 p.m. in the Norwood High School Library

Minutes compiled by Sherri Munro, Recording Secretary

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