The purpose of the Parents Music Association shall be to foster, encourage and support the many aspects of music education in the  Norwood Public School system, to enrich the scope of student involvement and to stimulate broad community involvement in the program. The objective of the PMA is to help provide high quality music education to the students of the Norwood Public School system by assisting the Director of Fine Arts in the promotion and achievement of educational and performance excellence.

*If your child is involved in the Norwood Public Schools Music Program, then you are a member of the Norwood PMA. Help support the children in the Music Program.  We are always looking for new ideas.

The Parents Music Association was founded in 1974. The Norwood PMA has been a key component in the development and maintenance of the excellent music program in the Norwood Public Schools.  The PMA helps to provide funding and manpower that enables our performing groups to participate in State and National competitions.  PMA members serve as coordinators for music camp, providing students with week-long retreat in Maine for intensive preparation for coming season.  They maintain and facilitate the distribution of uniforms and equipment and chaperone each concert performance.  Each year, Norwood hosts major competitions for choral, jazz, and marching band groups attended by students from all over Massachusetts .  Fundraising by the PMA supports the music camp, helps to provide equipment and pays for adult chaperones when groups travel.  In addition, the PMA supports a major scholarship program to assist students from the music program as they continue their college educations.

Attention Please:

All PMA Monthly Board meetings will be held in the NHS library. 2nd Wed of the month.

The public is welcome!

PMA Board Members for 2019-2020

President: Paul Campbell

Vice-President: Patrick Marquis

Treasurer: Tracey Jones

Secretary: Amy Doherty Nee

Director of Ways & Means: Marcia Leonard, Janice Hall, Kristen Serratore

Publicity: Katie McConnaughy

Data Base: Ed Ferris

Webmaster: Ed Ferris Ed Ferris  and Tony Caravello

Performance Coordinator SHS – Jazz: Rebecca Jackson

Performance Coordinator SHS – Instrumental: Paul Campbell

Coordinator Marching Band Classic:  Tracey Jones

Coordinator Marching Band: Diane Wilson

Color Guard Coordinator: Amy Campbell

Performance Coordinator SHS – Choral :  Patricia DeSouza

Music Camp Coordinator:  Patricia DeSouza

MICCA Classic – Choral Coordinator: Patricia DeSouza

Hospitality: Vacant

Director of Fine Arts: Catherine Connor-Moen  781-352-3546

PMA Board Members for 2019-2020

President – Paul Campbell

Vice President – Patrick Marquis

Secretary – Sherry Mcleash

Treasurer – Sasha Guilaeff

Director of Ways & Means and Special Fundraising


Marching Band Classic Coordinator – Mollie Caravello & Marcia Leonard

(Co) Database & Publicity Katie McConnaughy Tony Caravello

Music Camp Coordinator – Jeanna Ayoub

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Performance Coordinator –

Instrumental Patrick and Paul Performance Coordinator –

Choral – Jeanna Ayoub

Performance Coordinator –

Jazz Groups – Mollie Caravello & Marcia Leonard (Co) & Kathie Umbay (Asst) Performance Coordinator –

Marching Band – Amy Campbell

Color Guard Coordinator – Laura Sullivan

MICCA Classic Coordinator – Choral – Jeanna Ayoub

Mailing Address:

Norwood PMA

P.O. Box 454

Norwood, MA 02062


All board meetings are held at Norwood High School at 7:00 p.m. 2nd Wednesday of each month: any changes * will be posted in advance*


Fundraising is an integral part of the Parents Music Association. Funding is used to support the Music Program in all grade levels; to purchase student awards, fund music clinicians, Senior Awards Banquet, guest artists, music camp & student scholarship.  Fundraising projects include:

Car wash, Raffles, Music Sponsorship, Golf Tournament, Pops Concert, Jazz Classic, Marching Band Competition, Pie Sale, Merchandise sale


Merchandise can be purchased at PMA events or by contacting a Ways & Means PMA board member.