Norwood High School, Library

 all to Order:            7:05 PM

Welcome by Paul Campbell, President

Attendance: Paul Campbell, Patrick Marquis, Tracey Jones, Ed Ferris, Amy Doherty Nee, Marcia Leonard, Kristen Serratore, Katie McConnaughy, Becca Jackson, Amy Campbell, Kathie Umbray, Jeanna Ayoub, Patty Souza, Steve Conant, Cathy Connor-Moen


  1. Approval of Last Month’s Meeting Minutes: Paul Campbell

Motion made and seconded to approve the meeting minutes of September 2019:  

Motion approved.


  • Need to determine date for Fine Arts Semi-Formal


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Tracey Jones

Motion made and seconded to approve the treasurer’s report of September 2019 and fiscal year-end report from September: 

Motion approved.


  • Donations: Received $1,500 from Boch charity
  • Apple employee volunteer hours are matched by Apple. Chris Igoe, one of the music camp counselors, works at Apple so we are getting matched donation from them (bonus month for August). Amy D. will send thank you note Chris Igoe.
  1. Ways & Means: Janice, Kristen, & Marcia
  • Fundraiser: Grandma’s Coffee Cake ready to launch; Cathy will send to superintendent to approve. Will send to all NHS students and all 8th grade students. This is a student account fundraiser.
  • Plenty of inventory of merchandise for the MB classic.
  • Shaw’s reusable bags – made $44 . Can still buy them and ask for donation made to PMA. Also, maybe Stop & Shop in the future.


  1. Choral Update: Patty
  • King Richard’s Fair Sunday, October 12 for Madrigals.
  • Banquet – Patty confirmed the hall. Dates for rehearsal and banquet are December 5-6, Thursday & Friday. Prices will remain the same. Menu up for debate; maybe something different than past.


  1. Publicity: Ed
  • Judith Howard (choir show) asked Ed if we would be interested in advertising this, it’s at the Norwood Theater, December 5th. We can advertise on our website.


  1. Music Camp
  • Next year camp will be back to the traditional week that we usually have.
  • For 2019, PMA subsidy per student was 31%; which is up from last year due to fewer kids at camp than in past.


  1. Marching Band Classic: Tracey
  • MB Classic is at NHS on October 20, 2019
  • Menu discussion: Going to rent a grill so we can cook hamburgers. & hot dogs. Will have pizza, popcorn, chili (but not as much as in past years), apple crisp, and NO nachos.
  • Tracey will ask Paul Angelo (OCC) to get rolls.
  • Need to buy cheese, foil sheets, whipped cream; we have plenty of condiments.
  • Patty will buy snacks at BJs.
  • We have 10 bands; tied for largest show.


  • Marching Band Banquet: November 30, after parade at the K of C.


  1. Jazz night: Becca
  • Does it need to be in Norwood? Looking for new venue.


  1. Director of Fine Arts: Cathy
  • Difficult start of school year
  • In Spring looking to change concert schedule. Elementary honor night will be split. Good for kids to hear the honor ensembles.


  1. Quorum: 2019/2020 PMA Board, there are eleven (11) voting Board Members. In order to have a quorum, six (6) Board Members must be present.


  1. NEXT PMA meeting will be November 13, 2019 at 7PM in the HS Library

Adjourned at 8:30 PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Amy Doherty Nee