Norwood High School, Library


Call to Order:            7:04 pm


Welcome by Patrick Marquis, PMA Vice President (Paul Campbell absent)


Attendance: Patrick Marquis (VP), Tracey Jones (Treasurer), Ed Ferris (Publicity/Webmaster), Katie McConnaughy (Publicity/Marketing), Diane Wilson (MB Coordinator), Cathy Connor-Moen (Director of Fine Arts), Becca Jackson (Jazz Coordinator), Sarah Jackson (Fine Arts Student Representative), Steve Conant, Kristen Serratore (Ways & Means), Marcia Leonard (Ways & Means), Janice Hall (Ways & Means), Mollie Caravello, Anthony Caravello, Patricia Schick


  1. Approval of Last Month’s Meeting Minutes: Patrick Marquis

Motion made and seconded to approve the meeting minutes of September 2018:  

Motion approved.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Tracey Jones

Reviewed report of fiscal year balance sheet

  • In September we had a lot of success because of our Ways & Means team– Norwood Day & Swag
  • We’re $4,000 shy of where we were financially at this time last year
  • Awaiting reimbursement for a mellophone and from the town.
  • Some very generous donations:
    • Kim Greene and Family – $500 in memory of Mother in Law
    • Terry MacDonald in lieu of birthday gifts- $300 for CMS instrumental music
    • $1,500 from Concerts on the Common Committee
  • Tracey will be writing thank you notes and tax receipts for Kim and Terry
  • Amy Doherty Nee can write thank you note to Concerts on the Common Committee
  • Idea of including picture of marching band in thank you notes (picture will be taken at Norwood Classic)


Motion made and seconded to approve treasurer’s report: 

Motion approved.

  1. Vice President’s Report: Patrick Marquis
  • Nothing to update


  1. Ways & Means Update: Janice, Kristen, & Marcia

Humble Pie Fundraiser: 282 pies were sold by about 35 students (including 6 from CMS), ~$1,000 is being put into student accounts.

Black Swan Swag Round 2: Will be delivered this week or next week.

Norwood Classic: Ordered generic merchandise to sell at Norwood Classic. Cups with a funny sentence on them were ordered and will be sold as a bundle with 2 tickets for popcorn. Plan on selling snacks (chips, candy, water) at merchandise table in order to cut down long concession stand lines. Will be raffling off a donation of a 1-month membership to the Vanderbilt Club.

Other fundraising ideas: Paint Night, Medium Night (Marcia’s friend is a medium). Locations for Paint Night could include Limey’s, Knights of Columbus, and the VFW. Do they need superintendent approval? Yes before they start advertising, but they can do research until then. Sarah Jackson interested in offering child care during a fundraiser.

Parking Spot Fundraiser: Idea that students could submit a parking spot design, buy paint, and pay $20 in order to paint their parking spot (would be painted over at end of year). Mrs. Moen thinks the superintendent might go for this, especially since the school isn’t quite as new.

Gift Wrapping Fundraiser: Contacted Barnes and Noble (no reply) and Bass Pro Shop (must be 18 to wrap, idea of parents wrapping and kids performing, perhaps?). Will look into toy store Henry Bear Park (Legacy Place), could be good for Tri-M hours.

Combat Archery: Ed is looking into this as a fundraiser, apparently very fun and safe.

Selling Tree Props: Ed suggested we sell the marching band’s tree props next year at Christmastime.



  1. Choral Update: Patricia Souza
  • King Richard’s Faire: Madrigals performed at King Richard’s Faire, were told “it was a pleasure having you, we will see you again next year!”
  • Norwood Classic: Madrigals will be singing the National Anthem at the Norwood Classic
  • Madrigal Banquet: November 30th at Elks, tickets are $35, Patty has found a caterer that can serve roast beef, potatoes, and vegetables (as well provide as cutlery and “crockery” (dishes) and 2 wait staff) for $20/person (which is a good price). She is looking into hiring more wait staff for the evening.
  • Holiday Concerts 2018 (Cathy Moen plans to ‘share’ Google Calendar with PMA)
    • Friday, December 7th Brass Choir (?)
    • Wednesday, December 12th High School Holiday Concert
    • Thursday, December 13th 7th Grade Holiday Concert (includes orchestra, band, and chorus)
    • Tuesday, December 18th 8th Grade Holiday Concert (includes orchestra, band, and chorus)
    • Thursday, December 20th Madrigals and Celtic Strings will do tour of elementary schools


  1. Marching Band Classic, 10/21: Steve Conant
  • Tracey has all adult volunteer positions filled (!), needs more high school students to host bands
  • Will send out assignment sheet for adults and students tomorrow (Thursday, October 11)
  • Will be sending out an email on Monday, October 15th to request chili and apple crisp donations
  • We bought a 12oz popcorn machine. Ed is donating 20lbs of popcorn kernels that fell out of their bag when they were shipped to him.
  • Mollie will look into buying discounted little popcorn bags from a friend of hers at Restaurant Depot.
  • Roche Bros donated $150 gift card, will spend on hotdogs
  • Honey Dew Donuts donated hot chocolate and coffee
  • Will be doing inventory of drinks to see what we need.
  • Mollie will have programs printed through the co-op program at the school she works at.


  1. Marching Band: Diane Wilson
  • Nothing to update



  1. Jazz Update: Becca Jackson
  • Wants to look into new venue for Jazz Night, one location “Fallout” is too small
  • Will keep looking around


  1. Publicity and Marketing: Katie McConnaughy
  • Norwood Record: Marching Band will be featured in the Norwood Record tomorrow (October 11th), the Madrigals will have a picture and caption from King Richard’s Faire trip.
  • Boston Globe: The Marching Band will be mentioned in The Boston Globe on Sunday, October 21st.
  • Thank You Notes: Katie will be sending thank you notes to the newspapers; will go to Marching Band rehearsal to get kids/staff signatures on cards.
  • Dan Busler: Katie will be inviting him to the Norwood Classic
  • Instagram: Katie will be creating an Instragram for the Norwood PMA
  • Norwood Classic: The reporter from the Norwood Record will be there!


  1. Director of Fine Arts: Catherine Connor-Moen
  • School Start Times: There is discussion about changing the start time of Norwood schools. There is discussion about the effect that changing school start times would have on after school activities.
  • Budget cuts: There will be budget cuts, the town is very much in debt.
  1. Quorum: 2018/2019 PMA Board, there are eleven (11) voting Board Members. In order to have a quorum, six (6) Board Members must be present.


  1. NEXT PMA MEETING: November 14, 2018 at 7pm in the NHS library

Adjourned at 8:45 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Katie McConnaughy (substituting for Amy Doherty Nee)