Call to Order:            7:10 pm


Welcome by Diane Wilson, PMA President

Attendance: Dr. Thomson (Norwood school Superintendent), Diane Wilson (President), Paul Campbell (VP), Tracey Jones (Treasurer), Kim Beaudet (Ways & Means), Ed Ferris (Publicity/Webmaster), Amy Doherty Nee (Secretary), Patrick Marquis, Patricia Souza, Stacey Lane, Cathy Moen, Becca Jackson, Katie McConnaughy, Lisa Silletti


  1. Approval of Last Month’s Meeting Minutes: Amy Doherty Nee

Motion made and seconded to approve the meeting minutes of February 12, 2018:  

Motion approved

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Tracey Jones

Reviewed balance sheet – noted that PMA investment down a little due to market fluctuations.

Motion made and seconded to approve treasurer’s report of February 2018: 

Motion approved

  1. Vice President’s Report: Paul Campbell

Distributed ballots for PMA positions – most filled out and returned at the meeting.


  1. Jazz Update: Becca Jackson

MAJE: MAJE Southeast Festival makeup date for Tuesday (3/13) has been cancelled due to snow. Resched – they will likely allow our district to compete at state on Sunday. Start and end times TBD.

Volunteers: discussed difficulty in getting kids to volunteer – possibility of making it a service piece of Tri-M honor society


  1. MICCA Choral Update: Patricia Souza

Dates: Friday-Sunday March 23-25

Choral portion is hosted at NHS. (Instrumental portion not hosted by NHS.) Cathy Moen reviewed logistics; Patricia Souza reviewed volunteer and concession needs.


  1. Ways & Means Update: Kim Beaudet

Merch sales:  new t-shirts, joggers, pop sockets, etc. to sell at spring concerts.

Fundraisers: Got approval for two car wash dates coming up (5/12 – choral & instrumental; 6/9 – marching band); any child can participate in any car wash.


  1. Director of Fine Arts Update: Catherine Connor-Moen

Music drives us event: Purchased plastic pBones for little kids; middle school has electric piano, snare drum, concert bells, violas, cellos, bows, etc.

Can only apply once every three years to this grant.

Ernie Boch visit: Ernie Boch will be at NHS April 4th 1:00; PMA welcome to attend for photo op

Coins for Camp: going well; kids carrying around containers; jars at concerts

MICCA preview concert – the 3/13 instrumental concert rescheduled for Tuesday 3/20? Steve Conant will communicate that information.


  1. Marching Band Update: Diane Wilson/Cathy Moen

Date of marching band kick-off meeting yet to be determined.

School budget yet to be determined, marching band expensive, want to wait to see what budget looks like.


  1. Quorum: 2017/2018 PMA Board, there are eleven (11) voting Board Members. In order to have a quorum, six (6) Board Members must be present.


  1. NEXT PMA MEETING: Wednesday, April 11 at 7pm in the NHS library

Adjourned at 8:28 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Amy Doherty Nee