Norwood High School, Library

Call to Order:            7:06 pm

Welcome by Diane Wilson, PMA President

Attendance: Diane Wilson (President), Paul Campbell (VP), Tracey Jones (Treasurer), Kim Beaudet (Ways & Means), Amy Doherty Nee (Secretary), Ed Ferris (Publicity/Webmaster), Patrick Marquis, Patricia Souza, Stacey Lane, Cathy Moen, Becca Jackson, Sarah Jackson, Katie McConnaughy, Lisa Silletti

  1. Approval of November Meeting Minutes: Amy Doherty Nee

Motion made and seconded to approve the meeting minutes of November 8, 2017:  

Motion approved

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Tracey Jones

Balance sheet review: Net income $5,672

Fidelity investment: profitable so far; they have had for about one-quarter.

Motion made and seconded to approve treasurer’s report of December 2017: 

Motion approved

  1. Vice President: Paul Campbell

Upcoming events:

Fine Arts semi-formal dance: February 2nd

Jazz Classic: February 14th

MICCA: March 23rd, 24th, 25th

Senior night: May 24th at Four Points

Solar panels: Paul procured solar panels for shed to charge cart

  1. Ways & Means: Kim Beaudet

Car wash fundraisers: Two car wash dates scheduled for May 12th for “elementary through high school instrumental and choral,” and June 9th for “marching band.”

CMS concert merch sales:  Sheri will handle upcoming January 11th 6th grade middle school concert merch table sales.

New merch items: discussed ideas for new merch items. Tracey will update Kim with inventory list.

There is a balance of over $2K for merch. Kim will make sure we are stocked for festival of bands.

People want pencils with specific instruments, key chains, short sleeved t-shirts.

Gift wrapping table fundraising: Henry Bear’s Park allows groups to set up table and wrap customers’ purchases, with us keeping all donations. Maybe an idea for closer to Christmas?

Scrip fundraising: Kim needs further info. Money goes directly to us, on-going process. Kim will look into having someone come talk to us about it. Maybe start small and get it up and running for holiday timeframe.

  1. Marching Band: Diane Wilson

Prop fundraising: Ed brought up the fact that we will start out marching band season with no existing props – what we have will not be carried over for marching band. We need to be prepared for expenses for new props.

Music Camp 2018: August 12-18 (Sunday to Sat

Note for next year *2019* music camp: will start on a Monday and go to Sunday, FYI

  1. Director of Fine Arts: Catherine Connor-Moen

Community service: need to consider possible community service ideas for music honor society.

Funds: given to Tracey.

PMA scholarships: have started coming in.

Staffing: Craig Chisolm has resigned. K. Entwhistle will stay, then will hire someone else.

Great East Festival: seeing if Norwood will participate; possible locations at high school and middle school.

Scholarships: need to brainstorm about scholarships for students for lessons, camp, can we earmark a certain amount of fundraising money for that? We need to have a formal application for scholarship.

  1. Choral Update: Patricia Souza

Madrigal banquet: Cathy needs to give Tracey the bill for tablecloths from the banquet.

Elementary choral tour: went well.

  1. Publicity: Ed Ferris

Posting events and info on site; reminder to send anything you want posted to Ed with as much detail as possible.

Amy sent Amazon smile flyer to Becca for Sarah to post on Instagram.

  1. Quorum: 2017/2018 PMA Board, there are eleven (11) voting Board Members. In order to have a quorum, six (6) Board Members must be present.
  2. NEXT PMA MEETING: Monday, February 12 at 7pm in the NHS library

Adjourned at 8:45 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Amy Doherty Nee