Norwood High School, Library


Call to Order:            7:10 pm

Welcome by Diane Wilson, PMA President

Attendance: Diane Wilson (President), Paul Campbell (VP), Tracey Jones (Treasurer), Kim Beaudet (Ways & Means), Amy Doherty Nee (Secretary), Ed Ferris (Publicity/Webmaster), Stacey Lane, Patrick Marquis, Becca Jackson, Kathy Umbay, Sasha Giuliaoff


  1. Introductions: Diane led intros of new board members.


  1. Approval of June Meeting Minutes: Amy Doherty Nee

Motion made and seconded to approve the Minutes of June 14, 2017:  Approved

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Tracey Jones

Fidelity annuity has been reinvested ($97,849); new vehicle should be a better investment for us.

Year over year profit & loss comparison, discussed September 2016 through August 2017 compared to same period prior year.

Fundraising: Discussed declining mattress sale profits and other losses. Discussed possibility of bringing back pie fundraiser, as in past it yielded over $9K in profit.


  1. Vice President: Paul Campbell

Possible move from Sheraton Four Points for events Snowflake/Fine Arts ball, Jazz night, Senior night. Is there another venue?

October meeting agenda item: discuss Sharaton alternative – Norwood Theater for jazz night? Elks for other events?

Arcade Fire Raffle: Amy Nee will try to sell Arcade Fire tickets that were not raffled off

  1. Ways & Means: Kim Beaudet

Mattress Fundraiser: Sept. 23, will implement “Princess & the Pea” raffle to generate more money.

Kim will make and distribute flyers.

Merchandise:  We sold $234 in merchandise at Norwood Day.

Possible Pie Fundraiser: Kim will call Meadowbrook to explore pie fundraiser again. Will need a committee of volunteers to help facilitate.

  1. Marching Band: Diane Wilson

Band Uniforms: fitted and all set.

Voted on motion for PMA to fund pizza for kids who go from football game to rehearsal. Motion approved.

Shelves for marching band closet: discussed getting shelves, maybe with money that was to be used for jazz risers?


  1. Director of Fine Arts: Catherine Connor-Moen

Music composition for retired Foxboro educator: Norwood will be part of funding of composition of music to honor Steve Massey who retired.

Coakley Staff Update: temporary replacement for Mr. Chisholm who is on medical leave.

Field Trip: better to wait until 2019 for fine arts possible trip to Nashville, but will implement fundraising early.

High School Schedule: discussed need to address high school schedule, with only one elective option for students. Would like to move to 8-period schedule allowing kids to choose more than one fine arts elective.


  1. Quorum: 2016/2017 PMA Board, there are eleven (11) voting Board Members. In order to have a quorum, six (6) Board Members must be present.


  1. NEXT PMA MEETING: October 11, 2017 at 7pm in the NHS library

Adjournment at 8:30 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Amy Doherty Nee

Of note to follow up at next meeting: Alternative to Sheraton Four Points for events