Norwood High School, Library

Call to Order:            7:05 pm

Welcome by Paul Campbell, PMA President

Attendance: Paul Campbell (President), Terry MacDonald (Vice President), Tracey Jones (Treasurer), Stacey Lane (Secretary),  Kim Beaudet (Ways & Means), Ed Ferris, Phyllis McDonough,  Claudia Moldonado, Diane Wilson, Patrick Marquis, Maura Smith, Kristen Serratore, Janice Hall, Brian Sheehan, Becca Jackson, Lisa Drenkhahn, Inta Jurgela, Lisa Silletti

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes: Stacey Lane

Motion made and seconded to approve the Minutes of February 7, 2017:  Approved

  1. Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Tracey Jones

New England Financial Annuity:  P. Campbell invited a financial planner to attend the next PMA meeting on April 12th to discuss our investment options.

Majority of activity was with the Classic and the Semi. The Classic had three bands with an outstanding balance. The semi had great attendance and the ticket price covered the cost (Sheraton prices have increased). Judges dinner after the classic cost more than expected. It was voted in the past that we limit the cost of the dinner. A student account line item was added and an Email was sent to seniors informing them of their student account balance.

Motion made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Report (February): Approved

  1. Special Guest: Maura Smith

Maura is a candidate for School Committee. She is a Norwood graduate, who received her B.A. in Theatrical Directing from Fordham University and her M.F.A in Film Production from Boston University. Maura has directed multiple theatrical productions for NHS.  She has served as Town Meeting Member for the last two years and has promised to fight hard to improve our schools and ensure that every student in Norwood receives a high quality and innovative education that gives them the skills they need not just to succeed, but to flourish.  She will have a meet and greet on March 16th at the OCC from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.

  1. Vice President: Terry MacDonald

MAJE: March 18, 2017 at NHS and CMS from 9am to 7pm. All Jazz ensembles, 12-13 bands, that received gold or high silver with invitation.  Concessions at NHS only.  CMS will come to NHS for concessions and awards at the end.  A band will provide entertainment while the judges are tallying scores.  Parent volunteers will get an email with position and times. Tickets at door $10, Students $5.  MAJE will reimburse for judges lunches and all expenses.

Jazz Night: The rates for the Sheraton Four Points have increased from $500 to $750 to $1250 over the past few years.  T. MacDonald has not signed a contract, but has May 3rd on hold. C. Moen to contact Sheraton about lowering their fee since it is a community event.

Senior Awards Night:  May 25, 2017 at the Sheraton Four Points. A banquet for graduating seniors who participate in the music program. The gift will be the NHS clock tower ornament (to be made).

Ballots: Next year’s Board Member Nomination Ballots were distributed. Need to be returned by the April PMA meeting so the nominating committee can select a slate of officers to be presented at Pop’s Night in May. If there are not enough parents interested in executive board positions, we may need to amend the bylaws to allow some current board members to remain on.

  1. Ways & Means: Kim Beaudet

Merchandise:  Received an order of sweat pants with pockets (size small).  Will send order forms through C. Moen to the elementary schools for presale.

Trivia Night: On hold for this year.

Car Wash: June 10, 2017

Mattress Sale:  Reserved date.  Discussed whether or not to have event. Will table for now.

Ceramic Ornaments:  A fundraiser to sell ornaments designed specifically for the PMA.  Discussed using the image of the school tower. Plan to sell at Norwood Day in September.

Ernie Boch Band:  It was suggested that the PMA ask Ernie Boch’s band to perform at NHS as a fundraiser. It was also suggested that students write letters to Mr. Boch to express concerns about the future of the music program.

Music Drives Us (Ernie Boch): Provides grants for needed capital expenses. PMA has received it in the past. Discussed applying for the grant.

  1. Publicity: Ed Ferris

Joe Hart Fundraiser for the PMA: Cancelled.  Joe sent an email out stating he would have his own fundraiser on May 6th, 7 to 10 pm at the Workmen’s Hall (donated hall).  He will not charge admission, but will accept donations to the Norwood Music Department.

Schedules: Needed for up-coming events to put on the website.  Inquired about the status of PMA Scholarship applications.  Once C. Moen releases it, It will be available from music teachers, guidance and PMA website.

  1. Music Camp: Lisa Silletti

August 13, 2017 through August 19, 2017.  Will need medical/nursing staff.  Will contact Mark Bell, EMT.  April 6th is the tentative Marching Band Kick off Meeting.

Camp forms will be distributed at that time.

  1. Choral Updates: Phyllis McDonough

MICCA Choral :  The MICCA Concert and Choral Festival is scheduled to take place on 3/31, 4/1 and 4/2. Numerous volunteers are needed. Judges have been contacted.  P. Maquis will record all 3 days, and AnnMarie Bustler will announce all 3 days. In order to use NHS Café equipment, we will need to hire food service staff. P. Campbell will check with Kate O’Malley. Pizza to be ordered from Olivios. Donations of brownies for sundaes and cases of water are needed. A volunteer form was emailed to all choral parents.

  1. Quorum: 2016/2017 PMA Board, there are eleven (11) voting Board Members. In order to have a quorum, six (6) Board Members must be present.
  1. NEXT PMA MEETING: April 12, 2017 at 7pm in the NHS library

Adjournment at 8:35 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Stacey Lane