Norwood High School, Library

Call to Order:            7:05 pm

Welcome by Paul Campbell, PMA President

Attendance: Paul Campbell (President), Terry MacDonald (Vice President), Tracey Jones (Treasurer), Stacey Lane (Secretary),  Kim Beaudet (Ways & Means), Ed Ferris, Phyllis McDonaugh, Cathy Moen, Jim Butler, Claudia Moldonado, Diane Wilson, Patrick Marquis, Annemarie Stenstrom, Rose B. Edmond, Abelson Edmond, Kim Wong, Daniela Harder, Jonathan Bourn

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes: Stacey Lane

Motion made and seconded to approve the Minutes of January 12, 2017:  Approved

  1. Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Tracey Jones

QuickBooks: New format of the treasurer’s report using QuickBooks.  P. Campbell likes that the checking account balance is highlighted. Discussed adding a “Student Account” line item. Graduating students transfer their student account balance to younger siblings. Unused accounts transfer into the general fund.

New England Financial Annuity:  P. Campbell invited a financial planner to attend the next PMA meeting to discuss our investment options.

Outstanding Scholarships: There are one or two scholarships that have not been issued.  Students have until March 1st to submit their grades and request payment.

Motion made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Report (January): Approved

  1. Vice President: Terry MacDonald

Fine Arts Semi:  February 10, 2017 at the Sheraton Four Points. (98 tickets sold). Friends of Visual Arts has contributed $100 towards the DJ.

Jazz Night: The rates for the Sheraton Four Points have increased from $750 to $1250.  T. MacDonald has not signed a contract, but has May 3rd on hold. May need to look at other venues.

Jazz Classic:  February 16, 2017.  4pm to 9pm at NHS. Nine bands will perform.  Tickets sold at the door. T. MacDonald will email volunteers with details.

Senior Awards Night:  May 25, 2017 at the Sheraton Four Points. A banquet for graduating seniors who participate in the music program. Will purchase 100 mugs which should last a few years.

Ballots: Next year’s board member nomination ballots will be distributed at the March meeting.

  1. Ways & Means: Kim Beaudet

Merchandise:  Discussed replenishing sweat pants with pockets (size small) and sending order forms to the elementary schools for presale.  Sales went very well at the performances.

Calendars:  Many years ago, the PMA sold calendars with pictures of music students and events.

Discussed making a calendar for next year. T. MacDonald to investigate the pricing.

Ceramic Ornaments:  A fundraiser to sell ornaments designed specifically for the PMA.  The owner, David Franciosi, will pay for all up-front costs and no shipping (lives in Norwood).  PMA will receive $3.00-$4.00 per ornament sold.  Discussed having a design contest for the music students or just using the school tower.

  1. Jones to follow up with David from Heritage Ornaments
  2. Publicity: Ed Ferris

Joe Hart Fundraiser: March 10, 2017 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at NHS.

Joe is part of a professional band that performs a variety of popular rock songs.  He has generously offered to hold a fundraiser for the PMA. He will incorporate music students into his performance. Sign-up sheets have been posted in the music rooms.  Tickets will be sold at the door.

Ed advertised the concert on FB and the PMA website.  Discussed having a feature story with Joe’s band on NHS Update to promote the concert.

  1. Director of Fine Arts: Cathy Connor-Moen

Discussed the state of the Fine Arts budget. The proposed budget cut of $106,500 will result in the loss of the following: NHS choral teacher, elementary string teacher, all elementary honor ensembles, all CMS extracurricular music groups, NHS Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, and musical.

  1. NHS Principal: Jonathan Bourn

Discussed the state of the NHS budget. There is a two-million-dollar school budget gap. He is being asked to cut $442,000 from the NHS budget.  Unfortunately, extra-curricular activities, clubs, after school music programs and athletics need to be cut before core curriculum courses that are state requirements.  Will attempt to maintain activities that are needed to be competitive for college acceptance. After the first budget pass, NHS is slated to lose 8 FTE when 1 FTE needs to be added to function effectively.

Encourage parents to attend the School Committee Meeting on February 8, 2017 at 6PM in the auditorium.

  1. Choral Updates:

Choral/MICCA Coordinator:  Diane Coard has resigned.  The MICCA Concert and Choral Festival is scheduled to take place on 3/31, 4/1 and 4/2. Numerous volunteers are needed. C. Moen will contact former parent volunteers who have helped over the years.

  1. Action Items:

Quorum: 2016/2017 PMA Board, there are eleven (11) voting Board Members.  In order to have a quorum, six (6) Board Members must be present.

  1. NEXT PMA MEETING: March 8, 2017 at 7pm in the NHS library

Adjournment at 8:55 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Stacey Lane