Norwood High School, Library

Call to Order:            7:05 pm

Welcome by Paul Campbell, PMA President

Attendance: Paul Campbell (President), Terry MacDonald (Vice President), Tracey Jones (Treasurer), Stacey Lane (Secretary),  Kim Beaudet (Ways & Means), Ed Ferris, Phyllis McDonaugh, Cathy Moen, Jim Butler

1.      Approval of Meeting Minutes:  Stacey Lane

Motion made and seconded to accept the Minutes of October 12, 2016: Approved

2.      Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Tracey Jones

Motion made and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report of October: Approved

Receipts for music camp truck and bus rentals have not been reimbursed by NPS.  C. Moen to investigate. E. Ferris has submitted original receipts for MB truck rentals to be reimbursed by the treasurer.  The PMA will then submit an invoice with original receipts to the NPS for reimbursement.

There is an outstanding invoice from Reading for the Jazz Classic (Feb. 2016). A second invoice will be sent.

Motion made and seconded to reimburse Ed Ferris $274.43 for materials purchased for the Marching Band props: Approved

3.      Vice President:  Terry MacDonald

Time to start planning the Fine Arts Semi and look at available dates in February.  Jazz Night will be scheduled once we receive available dates from Four Points.  Jazz Classic will take place 2/16/17.

4.      Ways & Means:  Kim Beaudet

Merchandise:  Purchased PJ Pants to sell at the holiday concerts

Music Note Fundraiser: To be sold at CMS Parent Open House on 11/17.  MICCA Ensemble (Trio) has been invited to perform that evening.

Cookies with logo:  Discussed ordering sugar cookies with a music logo from to sell at events.

5.      Marching Band Classic:  Tracey Jones

It was very successful event. Merchandise sales were strong with $525.30 in sales.  Two bands have not submitted their payment. Gate was down from last year, but we had some small bands and one less band than usual in attendance.  Concessions sales were lower, but a lot less money was spent upfront.  The amount of food was on target with very few left overs. T. Jones acknowledged all the wonderful, hard working volunteers.

6.      Music Camp:  No Report. C. Moen to look into dates for next year.

7.      Choral Updates:  Phyllis McDonaugh

Madrigal Banquet:  December 2, 2016 at the Elks. Tickets on sale now. There is a $500 rental fee.

P. McDonaugh inquired about a member rate and was told that is the discounted rate.  A check is needed to purchase the poinsettias

8.      Instrumental Updates:  

Concerts: CMS 7th & 8th grade instrumental 12/15, CMS choral 12/20, NHS Winter Concert 12/21 and CMS 6th grade concert 1/12/17

9.      Publicity:  Ed Ferris

Inform Ed of any activities or events that need to be publicized, such as the Madrigal Banquet and Madrigal/Celtic Strings Holiday Tour on 12/22.

10.  Director of Fine Arts:  Cathy Connor-Moen

April Vacation Trip:  Has been cancelled due to lack of interest. The trip conflicts with the Drama Festival that Norwood is hosting over April vacation. Deposit checks will be returned. Need to start planning now for next year’s trip.  Fundraisers are needed so students can raise money for their student accounts to pay for the trip.  C. Moen suggested a raffle with a cash prize. Discussed that students have not been very active participants in fundraising events over the past few years.  Now that the fundraiser is for a trip, students may feel differently about it.

Student liaison to PMA:  Freshman Rep, Robin Jones, will attend the December meeting. She will speak to the other reps about rotating to attend a portion of the monthly PMA meetings.

Auditorium Seat Fundraiser: The seat dedication fundraiser is being offered once again.  There was not a strong response from the business mailing. Spread the word to new members of the PMA.

James Hayden, Supt. of Schools to retire:  C. Moen has applied and has been accepted to be on the selection committee.

President:  Paul Campbell

Still do not have power in the MB shed to provide a charging station for the golf cart.

Other Business:  New England Financial Annuity

Purchased an annuity in 2002 with a fixed, guaranteed interest of 3%.  It is owned by the PMA, but is attached to Ann Cirillo.  It dissolves in 2050 or upon the death of the name holder.  Discussed dissolving the annuity and investing in a Municipal Bond (interest not guaranteed).

11.  Action Items:

Quorum: 2016/2017 PMA Board, there are eleven (11) voting Board Members.  In order to have a quorum, six (6) Board Members must be present.

NEXT PMA MEETING:   December 14, 2016, 93 Casey Street (Paul Campbell), 6:30 PM

15 . Adjournment at 8:30 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Stacey Lane.