***Camper’s medications should be individually dosed in envelopes with day and time for administration and include original package or container with pharmacy label or campers name on it. All placed in one gallon ZIPLOCK style bag with you camper’s name.

*Please remember to send a fitted sheet for the cot mattress, even if your child uses a a sleeping bag. (and pjs, flannel pants & tshirt)
*Each camper should have a pillow with two pillow cases
*Flip flops or suitable sandal for shower
*Travel case (or ziplock style bag) for toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush, deodorant)
* TWO TOWELS – one for shower, one for beach
Raincoat, poncho, rain boots – dress for the weather!

Label your student’s belongings! They are responsible for their belongings. Electronic devices are allowed, but discouraged as the campers are busy with rehearsal and need their sleep. We have a strict lights out policy so that everyone gets enough rest. (There is no WIFI)
Please do send more than $20.00 the only opportunity to spend it will be on the ride home at the rest area.
Please let me know of any Senior night reservation changes as soon as possible.

The camp mailing address
Camper’s Name – Norwood Music Camp 2016
Camp Tapawingo
166 Tapawingo Road
Sweden, Maine 04040

The camp has a website – http://www.camptapawingo.com/
See you Sunday morning!
My best,
Lisa SIlletti
Music Camp Coordinator