PMA Meeting Minutes August 25, 2016

PMA Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2016

Norwood High School, Cafe

Call to Order:            7:02 pm

Welcome by Paul Campbell, PMA President

Attendance: Paul Campbell (President), Terry MacDonald (Vice President), Maureen Dimitriou (Treasurer), Stacey Lane (Secretary), Ed Ferris, Lisa Silletti, Steve Conant, Claudia Maldanado, James Butler, Tracey Jones, Becca Jackson, Paula Labell, Larry Labell, Kristen Serratore, Amy Campbell, Diane Wilson, Sara Steele, Thomas Steele, Patricia Souza, Cathy Maloney

PMA meeting called to discuss:

  1. Reimbursement of $35 fee to camp counselors for required fingerprinting
  2. Cost for materials (Approx. $750) to build the props for this seasons show “Turning the Tables”
  3. Reimbursement of $467.69 for repairs to the golf cart computer

Fingerprint Fee for Camp Counselors

Superintendent of Schools, James Hayden, has implemented a new policy to require the fingerprinting of music camp counselors effective August 1, 2016 (2016 Music Camp).  Since the policy was made after the counselors were selected, Cathy Moen thought it was unfair to have the counselors (mostly college students) pay the $35 fingerprinting fee.  The counselors were informed that the PMA would reimburse them for the charge.

The PMA has not seen the new policy and would like to have a copy in order to share it with counselors next year.  Moving forward, counselors will be informed that they are responsible for the $35 fingerprinting charge.

It was pointed out that this year was costly because all the counselors needed fingerprinting.  Next year, many of the same counselors may return and will not need to be done again.  Only new counselors would need fingerprinting.  Teachers and staff are responsible for paying for their fingerprinting.

Discussed concerns that the policy may expand and require fingerprinting of chaperones and other music volunteers.  The PMA does not want to be responsible for paying fingerprinting charges.  The expense may become too burdensome.

Discussed sending a letter to Jim Hayden, requesting a copy of the policy and informing him of the PMA’s concerns.

Motion made and seconded to reimburse the counselors $35 for the cost of fingerprinting: Approved

Motion made and seconded to send a letter and invoice to James Hayden, Superintendent of Schools, requesting the PMA be reimbursed for counselor fingerprinting fees:  Motion failed

Marching Band Show Materials

The Marching Band show “Turning the Tables” needs a 12 foot, functioning turntable. The turntable needs to be strong enough to hold students while slowly turning.  Also, it will have to be portable.

  1. Ferris requests the help of parents to build the set, donate supplies and help move the set onto the field during shows. The building of the set will take place starting next week (Labor Day weekend) in the lot near the MB storage shed. James Bowers has offered to help. Two (26 ft.) trucks will be needed this year to travel to competitions.

Ed Ferris withdrew his email motion made on August 18, 2016 for the PMA to fund $700 for material costs for the turntable project for the marching band show.

Motion made and seconded to spend up to $750 to purchase materials to make the set/props for this season’s marching band show, “Turning the Tables”:  Approved

Golf Cart

The marching band golf cart battery was failing to hold a charge.  It was discovered to be a problem with the golf cart computer and not the battery.  Ed Ferris paid $467.69 to have the repairs made by Extreme Cart.   Ed had conversations with two possible sponsors: Extreme Cart and Bobby’s Auto which may defray a portion of the repair expense.

Motion made and seconded to reimburse Ed Ferris $467.69 for the cost of repairing the golf cart computer:  Approved

Upcoming Events:

Paul Campbell made an appeal to the membership asking for volunteers to assist with numerous upcoming events.  He also requests volunteers to help build the marching band show props/set

PMA Fundraiser Concert: Mary McAvoy

Friday, September 23, 2016 at 7pm in the auditorium.  Mary will have a clinic with the choral groups and they will sing a cover with her.  PMA will help with promotion and selling tickets ($10). The event is posted on the website.  Posters will need to be made and placed around town.  Discussed selling General Admission tickets at door and online.

Norwood Day Booth:

September 10, 2016.  Volunteers are needed to man the table, sell merchandise and promote the music program. A volunteer sign-up sheet was distributed.

Mattress Sale:

September 24, 2016 in the NHS gym.  The marching band students and parents will be at a MB show that day.  The mattress company has staff for set up and sales.  In the past, MB students/parents sold music merchandise and greeted customers.

15 . Adjournment at 8:30 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Stacey Lane.



Music Camp Reminders!

***Camper’s medications should be individually dosed in envelopes with day and time for administration and include original package or container with pharmacy label or campers name on it. All placed in one gallon ZIPLOCK style bag with you camper’s name.

*Please remember to send a fitted sheet for the cot mattress, even if your child uses a a sleeping bag. (and pjs, flannel pants & tshirt)
*Each camper should have a pillow with two pillow cases
*Flip flops or suitable sandal for shower
*Travel case (or ziplock style bag) for toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush, deodorant)
* TWO TOWELS – one for shower, one for beach
Raincoat, poncho, rain boots – dress for the weather!

Label your student’s belongings! They are responsible for their belongings. Electronic devices are allowed, but discouraged as the campers are busy with rehearsal and need their sleep. We have a strict lights out policy so that everyone gets enough rest. (There is no WIFI)
Please do send more than $20.00 the only opportunity to spend it will be on the ride home at the rest area.
Please let me know of any Senior night reservation changes as soon as possible.

The camp mailing address
Camper’s Name – Norwood Music Camp 2016
Camp Tapawingo
166 Tapawingo Road
Sweden, Maine 04040

The camp has a website –
See you Sunday morning!
My best,
Lisa SIlletti
Music Camp Coordinator

Preseason Marching Band Uniform information

Hello Everyone,

I know we are all preparing for Band Camp this weekend and looking forward to a great season this fall.  I am preparing to outfit all the kids for the season and will start as soon as they return from camp.

Three things that need attention:

1.  Attached you will find an order form for T Shirts, Shoes and Gloves.  Please complete this form and return it by August 29th as I need to place the order.

T Shirts:  Every student needs at least one.  I  recommend two, as they must be worn every time the student is in uniform. ON weekends with a show on Saturday and Sunday it is helpful to have a clean one ready to go.
Shoes:  There are a limited number of shoes available without charge.  I can not guarantee we will have a pair for your child, although I will make an attempt to fit your child with what we have.  If you wish to order your own pair, this form will cover that.
Every student needs at least one pair of gloves.  New students need to order a pair, exiting student will know if theirs need to be replaced.
2.  Fitting your child for a uniform.  I will begin this process after they return from camp.  If either you or your child is uncomfortable with me measuring them for their uniform, please complete the attached form and either email it back to me or have your child bring it to practice after band camp.

3. Volunteers Needed:  After the start of the school year, I will begin to seek volunteers to help chaperone the shows.  Please let me know if you would like to be included in the requests.  Also, if anyone is available to help with the uniform fittings, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.  It is going to be a great year!


Diane Wilson

Marching Band Order Form Word document

Marching Band Order Form PDF document

Uniform Measurement Form