PMA Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2016

Norwood High School, Library



Call to Order:            7:10 pm

Welcome by Paul Campbell, PMA President


Attendance: Paul Campbell (President), Terry MacDonald (Vice President), Maureen Dimitriou (Treasurer), Stacey Lane (Secretary), Donna Metcalf (Ways & Means), Michelle Morales (Ways & Means), Ed Ferris, Lisa Silletti, Lauren Chisholm, Diane Coard, Cathy Moen, Dotty Cronan

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes:

Motion made and seconded to accept the Minutes of March 6, 2016: Approved

  1. Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Maureen Dimitriou

Motion made and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report (March): Approved

Numerous payments will be made next month for music activities/events.  Scholarships are distributed after the completion of one semester and the submittal of grades to C. Moen.  A total of ($5550) was distributed to 2015 graduate recipients.  Adjusted February report by $30 for a correction.  Deposits are being made for the Great East trip:  5th Grade and CMS have two separate dates.  Payment is still owed for two bands that attended the Jazz Classic and one from the MB Classic.  MAJE Finals held in Norwood, but Norwood does not receive receipts from the door.

MICCA Choral weekend was very successful.


  1. Vice President: Terry MacDonald
  2. MacDonald Thanked departing members of PMA for their service. Ballots for next year’s officers were distributed: Paul Campbell, President, Terry MacDonald, Vice President, Tracy Jones, Treasurer, Stacey Lane, Secretary and Ways & Means, (To be determined).

The slate will be voted on at the next PMA meeting on May 11th.  The election will take place at Pops Night on May 13th. Discussed the structure of the PMA (positions and vacancies) and whether or not all positions are needed.  May need a by-law change if positions or committees are dissolved or reconfigured. . Volunteer issues: Parents may not want the responsibility of taking a position.  Teachers may need to increase their involvement in chaperoning and recruiting volunteers. Parents may respond better with a request from a teacher.  Audience numbers are decreasing.

  1. Moen will work on educating parents on the importance of attending performances.

Jazz Night: Sheraton Four Points, Wednesday, May 4, 2016. Information and tickets (presale) have been distributed.

MAJE State Finals:  Took place March 19, 2016 at the CMS and NHS. The event was very successful. It is usually held in Framingham.  Hosting in Norwood saves money. (No busing, No registration fee, MAJE pays overtime and piano tuning).  The school band directors loved Norwood as a host school.

Senior Awards: May 26, 2016

Redesigned stationary: Has a few ideas for new design

Webmaster:  Ed Ferris to take over position





PMA scholarships: PMA Scholarship forms have been distributed to students in class and are available on PMA website. Two large PMA scholarships are awarded during Pops Night.  Discussed moving the scholarships to Graduation Day or Class Day. Other awards will still be given at Pops Night. Pops Night proceeds will still benefit scholarships.


Motion made and seconded to move the awarding of the two large PMA scholarships from Pops Night to Graduation Day or Class Day: Approved


  1. Ways & Means: Donna Metcalf & Michelle Morales

Car Wash: April 30, 2016 from 9am to 3pm.

Trivia Night:  April 8, 2016 from 7pm to 10pm at the VFW. Tickets are $10 per student and $20 per adult. Judges are confirmed.

Merchandise: Merchandise sales at MICCA weekend went well.  Need to reorder merchandise to replenish stock.

Golf Ball Drop and 50-50: Discussed selling golf ball numbers and/or 50-50 during Pops Night.

  1. Campbell to check on the possibility of having a fire truck drop the balls in front of the school on last day of school (June 21st).

Concerts on the Common/Summer Fest: Discussed selling food items during the concerts on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  There may be a popcorn machine available at the Oldham.  Discussed selling snow-cones. D. Metcalf to see if Utz will donate popcorn (one time deal). Will need to borrow freezer again.

  1. Instrumental:

Pops Night-May 13, 2016 at NHS Gym. NHS music performances to perform first with an intermission followed by combined elementary, middle school and high school performances.  Approximately 350 students are expected to participate. Tables and chairs are needed.  P. Campbell to inquire about borrowing tables/chairs from St. Catherine’s.

  1. Choral:

MICCA took place April 1-3, 2016.  Thank you to all the parents and students who volunteered over the weekend. Wanda Wood did a wonderful job preparing the food for the event.

  1. Marching Band:

Discussed the possibility of participating in the Fourth of July parade this summer.  Would have to assess the availability of students and staff.  Discussed inviting middle school students and alumni. Numerous details need to be worked out for this to happen. C. Moen to contact parade organizer, Bernie Cooper.


  1. Director of Fine Arts: Cathy Connor-Moen

Fine Arts Festival: Savage Center Gym. April 12, 2016 from 6pm to 8pm and April 13, 2016 from 8:30am to 3pm and 6pm to 8pm. School music groups to perform.

  1. President: Paul Campbell
  2. Campbell to make arrangements to have Mattress Sale incentive gifts (head phones & television) delivered to him. Would like to thank everyone who volunteered at MICCA weekend.
  1. Action Items:

Band Closet needs to be organized. No long term storage of food items.

Parent emails:  Parent coordinators need parent emails to request volunteers for events.

Donations Hannaford:  Larger gifts over $100 are awarded monthly (eight week turn around) per town for specific requests. The PMA should consider putting in a $2000 request for Music Camp (snacks, camp supplies, nursing supplies, and personal care items)

Job Description: Each PMA position needs a written job description

Replacement PMA Positions: Recruit parents to shadow PMA positions and fill vacant positions

Quorum: 2015/2016 PMA Board, there are fourteen (14) voting Board Members.  In order to have a quorum, eight Board Members must be present.

Amazon Smile:  When a customer shops at “”, Amazon will make a small donation to a charitable organization of their choice. To participate, go to the site, scroll down and select “Norwood Parents Music Association, Inc.” and the PMA will receive a donation of $0.5% of qualifying sales.

New PMA Stationary: C. Moen will ask an art alumni, Michelle Bradbury, to redesign the logo.

New PMA website/server: Need new web server-GoDaddy (domain) transfer made. Weebly (host).

Sponsorship: “Pay Less” monthly, reoccurring donations

Wanderlust Fundraiser: Mary McAvoy concert at NHS-September 23, 2016.

NEXT PMA MEETING:   May 11, 2016, NHS Library, 7PM

15 . Adjournment at 8:50 pm.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Stacey Lane.