Football / NESBA Medford

Week 1 Schedule


Tuesday, September 18thth    Rehearsal 5:30-8:30                 

Thursday, September 20th   Rehearsal  5:30-8:30 

Saturday, September 22nd – Football vs. Hopkinton,

       NESBA @ Medford!


9-11:45 Rehearsal

11:45 Lunch/Dress Into Half Uniform

12:20 Pep Band Prep in Student Dining

12:40 Head to the Bleachers.

1:00 Game time.  WE WILL MARCH At HALF TIME.

2:20 Watch Video of Performance, Instrument Cleaning/Maintenance

3:00 Loading Up

4:00 On the road, Again!

5:00 On site. Unload the truck, bathroom, etc.

5:40-6:10 Warm up, when directed.

6:13 Head to Gate

6:20 Gate Time

*6:30 Performance Time  *(Time Changed on Tuesday 9/18)

9:20 Awards – Afterwards report directly to the bus.

9:40 Wheels Up

10:30 Return to NHS


Next Week:

Tuesday Rehearsal 5:30-8:30

Thursday Rehearsal 5:30-8:30

Saturday Rehearsal Only, 9-3 NOT A SHOW WEEKEND.

Plan: To Complete Our Show!